Plastic Surgery Pioneer, Roger Amar MD, Uses Adult Stem Cells From Lipoaspirates to Restore Youth

Brimington, United Kingdom (PressExposure) June 24, 2011 -- France's own Dr. Roger Amar, pioneer of the F.A.M.I (Facial Autografting Muscle Injection), will be visiting the United States from January 2 to January 7, 2007 to teach American surgeons and make this innovative procedure available to interested, eligible candidates. Dr. Amar's U.S. base will be New York City, NY and Philadelphia, PA.

F.A.M.I is a systematized full-face injection for pan-facial restoration and has been performed successfully on over 500 patients. The procedure can give a genuine restoration and/or rejuvenation without the presence of foreign bodies. Instead of tightening and shortening by incision of unsupported skin, F.A.M.I injects the face with the patients' own living fatty connective tissue (adult stem cells), correcting asymmetry and restoring the fullness of youth. The F.A.M.I procedure has also proven to be an excellent technique to help disfigured individuals achieve a natural look.

Though the utilization of fat as a natural filler has been advocated by thousands of doctors for more than a century, the F.A.M.I technique is unique in that it also incorporates the use of Adult Stem Cells, or Pre-adipocytes, into the vascular muscle bed and under the Periosteum. Considered the most advanced fat transfer procedure, F.A.M.I offers the best present solution to the very old problem of graft longevity. fat grafting has been under development by Dr. Amar since 1991. After more than 2,500 muscle injections from 1996 to 2002, and after 9 years of follow-up research, Dr. Amar maintains without any doubt that F.A.M.I gives long lasting successful and symmetrical results. Since July of 1999, the procedure has attracted hundreds of surgeons from all over the world who have learned the "Amar technique."

Facial F.A.M.I is considered to be much safer than standard plastic surgery and can be used as a non surgical facelift. While more traditional, open surgical techniques risk damage to the nerves, arteries, veins, and other facial structures, F.A.M.I offers a non-invasive injection technique performed on an outpatient basis with minimal risk of complications. For more information on F.A.M.I please visit

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The FAMI technique is an amazing discovery through years of research. The Fat Grafting website enables visitors to browse their site for all the information that you can need to satisfy yourself that this is definitely a better choice than going under the knife. Fat injections to certain areas of the face will transform your look in a much more natural way and without the pain of major surgery. Definitely worth a visit if your thinking of making a few alterations yourself.

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