Platinum 9 asks does image really matter.

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) January 24, 2012 -- Surely the answer is obvious - isn't it?

As a company your business image is everything. But what exactly is it? Platinum 9 believes that your business image, or corporate identity as it is more formally known, is 'the "persona" of a corporation which is designed to accord with and facilitate the attainment of business objectives. Your business image is the essence of your company, it is what you are, what you value, and that is why it is so important that you look after your company image. You have spent all this time creating something you value and are proud, make sure you look after it.

Your corporate identity is not the only influence on the perception your customers (or potential customers) have of you. Of course, having a strong graphic identity is paramount but what about your team? Do they subscribe to your company's 'philosophy'? Are they consistent in delivering the company's ethos? You might value your brand but do others, does your team understand what you stand for, what you deliver to others. They are the face of your business too; ensure that they present you and your business correctly. Platinum 9 accepts that the most effective way to ensure your team takes pride in representing your business is to involve them in the decision making, to hold team meetings, to share your dreams and ambitions of where you see the company going, and above all to know what their ambitions and dreams are within the company and set realistic obtainable goals for them.

Platinum 9 realises that in business, first impressions count. It doesn't matter if you've invested in great marketing material and campaigns; sales can be won or lost within 30 seconds purely on the 'experience' your team gives to customers. If you invest in your team it will have more value than any marketing campaign.

Platinum 9 insists that from the top down your company's 'personality' should always be the same. There are a number of dos and don'ts which will stand you in good stead:

Be clear about what you offer;
Ensure your team know what you offer and deliver the same messages, whatever their role; Do not try and portray yourself as something you are not;
Focus on your clients and their requirements;
Ensure a consistent identity throughout your marketing material.

Platinum 9 understands that in today's climate, your company's identity and brand have never been more important. Your team are the ambassadors for your company. Remember that if they are confident about - and believe in - your brand values they are more likely to encompass and promote the company offer. Currently, as all companies re-assess their budgets, now is the time to increase your brand awareness through investing in your internal team and your brand. It is in times like these when the most creative yet cost-effective solutions should be delivered. People matter, take pride in your brand and invest in your team.

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Platinum 9 are a sales and marketing company based in central London, who outsource to various clients. creating new customers and brand awareness,through direct marketing B2B B2C and Event based sales

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