Platinum Performance LLC Makes Low-End Horsepower A Thing Of The Past For CAT Diesel Owners

Atlanta, GA (PressExposure) August 26, 2007 -- Horsepower junkies worldwide have caught on … many have heard of a Power Harness for Heavy-Duty to Light-Duty trucks – but have no idea where to find it or what it exactly does. On the street this product goes for $250 or more and it is hard to come by – you want to deal with a quality manufacturer with a trusted reputation.

Platinum Performance LLC, based in Atlanta, GA, works with many owner-operators and fleets worldwide that specify CAT Diesel Electronic Engines. The Power Harness is a good value for owners of Peterbilt, Kenworth, Western Star, International, Freightliner, Marmon trucks and many others.

A common complaint when getting out there on the road is quite simple - there is not enough power when I hit the pedal on my diesel or simply little to no throttle response.

The Platinum Performance Power Harness solves low-end horsepower woes –resulting in no turbo lag. Many truckers experience low throttle response due to turbo lag - a delay once the pedal is pressed until the turbo spools out to produce max boost pressure. Therefore, if your truck has a turbo charger (all CAT Diesel Electronic Truck Engines have one) – you are likely to be affected by this and yearn for more power.

With a Power Harness you can get on the highway quicker, pull out a bit faster and some customers have noted fuel reductions; however, Platinum Performance does not currently boast fuel reduction as a promised attribute.

One reason Platinum Performance Harnesses are selling so quickly is due to the easy 3-step installation (in five minutes or less in most cases) with easy removal, the extra burst in power, and the fact that it is an alternative low cost device when compared to competitors in the category.

What does a Power Harness do? The power harness made by Platinum Performance TM tricks the intake manifold air pressure reading (boost sensor). This allows the ECM (electronic control module) to output more fuel, which in turns increases horsepower. That’s the bottom line product promise.

Many truck owners like the quick install and competitive pricing offered by this fledgling company. Not to mention, the fact that they deliver on the product promise, this handy gadget tricks the boost sensor and outputs more fuel – increasing low-end power.

Some buyers have reported, unbelievable throttle response, accuracy resulting in gains of 4-6 boost pounds (P.S.I), and in some cases the Platinum Performance Power Harness may not have an adverse affect on emissions – however, this is not a guaranteed feature. The only dislikes from some customers so far is that this product may cause a small bit of smoke between gear shifting and at a full throttle take-off. But this factor is miniscule compared to the many advantages of this product.

Why Buy a Power Harness? So, at the end of the day – does this product do what it promises? Yes. And it has some added benefits as well that aren’t a part of the guarantee. So you get more bang for your buck with Platinum Performance TM – and the Power Harness is sure to be a market mainstay for years to come. According to the company spokesman, “We are just getting started – innovation will keep us ahead of the curve and our customers are our lifeblood.”

About this Product

Platinum Performance Harness CA001 Retail Price: $119.99

Requirements: - CAT Diesel Electronic Engine - Heavy-Duty, Medium-Duty or Light-Duty Trucks - Will not work on PEEC Engines!

Platinum Performance LLCTM Platinum Performance LLC has 10+ years of experience in heavy-duty truck applications with a roster of well known clientele.

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Platinum Performance LLC
Contact: 1.866.281.3394

Platinum Performance LLC has 10+ years of experience in heavy-duty truck applications with a roster of well known clientele.

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