Polar FT60 Women's HRM Watch Used To Enhance Performance for Women's Fitness Training

Concord, CA (PressExposure) June 25, 2011 -- The growth of heart rate monitors is steadily increasing; trends indicate this is largely a result of the increasing number of people participating in personal fitness regimens; and the gadgets they employ to get healthy and stay that way. As treadmills, ellipticals, aerobics and free weights continue to gain popularity, it's no surprise that one of the gadgets to compliment these activities comes in the form of cardiovascular watch dog: i.e. HRM (heart rate monitor).

The Polar FT60 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch is no exception to the list of new technology utilized to help fitness lovers keep a healthy exercise routine- and to do so safely. Most everyone can appreciate a woman's flair for fashion; the FT60 is a first and foremost a fitness product, yet appeals to the feminine eye more so than the FT60's male counterpart or typical HRM's on the market.

This HRM is designed to assist users in their regular exercise regiment to improve their overall physical endurance. It guides users through the optimal training intensity for their physiological profile after first checking the daily cardio vitals while the body is still in a restful state (just before the exercising begins).

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Determining one's heart rate on a regular basis helps any fitness die-hard in accomplishing their personal training goals; and therefore enhances their health in general. It's critical to train at the correct aerobic intensity level. Health conscience individuals must remember that if they exercise too aggressively they run the risk of doing more harm than good. Conversely, if they don't work out enough they defeat the purpose of the exercise routine almost entirely. The FT60 is designed to address improper exercise methods and guide the user by means of establishing a comprehensive map to help you exercise the correct way.

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The watch offers pre-established settings that give the user achievable training objectives while providing continuous feedback from the monitor logs. The FT60 watch dictates the workouts while maintaining a solid workout routine which helps fitness fans reach their goals more efficiently. For those hardy individuals or others who want to march to a different beat, there are options to create their own exercise routines.

HRM's are certainly gaining ground in regards to both exercise or just keeping tabs on biometric readings to stay abreast of one's current physical condition. Feature sets will also continue to grow to address unique training needs dependent on what type of sport/exercise the participant is engaged in.

Here are a few of the Virtual Training modules offered buy the FT60:

-ZonePointer: an audible and visual feature on the display that shows current heart rate within designated target heart rate zones

-Polar OwnZone: offers a customized target zone for individual training routines

-Polar OwnCal modes: displays your energy output during one exercise session, as well as kilocalories during successive exercise sessions

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