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Fort Worth, TX (PressExposure) June 27, 2009 -- Insurance policyholders can defeat a concerted insurance industry strategy of denying claims in hopes the holders of policies will give up rather than endure a prolonged fight, according to Fort Worth lawyer Mark Humphreys.

“The starting point is to recognize the reality that insurance companies make money when they don’t pay claims,” Humphreys said, point to documentation that, since the mid-1990s, the largest insurance companies have followed a concerted “Three-Ds” strategy developed by the McKinsey consulting firm to avoid paying claims.

“This stands for deny… delay… and defend,” according to the Fort Worth insurance lawyer. “First, they almost automatically deny the claim. Second, they do anything possible to delay negotiations. Then third, they vigorously defend against any legal action.”

Beating the Three-Ds “We know how to beat the 3-Ds strategy and all of its tactics and permutations,” he said in a video posted on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH4pgqb378E: “When your claim is denied or if you’re being stonewalled, here are 5 things to do immediately:

1. Document everything. Write down the details of conversations, keep letters from the company, copies of forms you’ve filled out. 2. Recall the details. Think back to the start of the claim – an accident, property damage, death, injury…whatever the cause of your loss. Write down all the information about it that you can remember. 3. Get all the official records. Include your policy, reports, statements, forms, explanations of benefits. Make copies if necessary. 4. Continue doing what’s needed to repair the damage. If you’re supposed to be getting medical treatment or repairs on a car or property, continue doing so. 5. Contact an insurance attorney. Actually, this should be the first step you take, and he’ll tell you to do the other four. Listen to what he says and follow his instructions.

Full details of Humphreys’ strategy for beating insurance companies’ claim-denial tactics, as well his insights into the “unwritten” guidelines adjusters follow to cheat and break the laws that regulate claims-handling procedures are available in the booklet: “The First 5 Things To Do If Your Insurance Claim is Denied (And several reasons never to trust your insurance company even before your claim is denied.)

The booklet is available by email if requested from Humphrey’s insurance claim dispute web site, [http://www.TexasInsuranceFighter.com].

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