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1552 Goldcliff Circle Washington, DC (PressExposure) April 27, 2009 -- Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves using search engines to increase the volume or quality of traffic to a website. The higher or earlier a site appears in a search result, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

According to a seo services Los Angeles company, SEO involves studying how the search engine works. SEO experts modify a site’s content and HTML so that it would look more ‘attractive’ to search engines. A search engine optimization Los Angeles company further adds that it also involves targeting keywords that would often be used by targeted clients. Some site owners do their own SEO work while some choose to get affordable seo services.

There are many tricks out there when it comes to SEO. However, there are also a lot of myths. Some of these myths are too outrageous to be believed while some are really based on actual SEO facts. Below are just some of the popular SEO myths.

* Search engine submissions. This was probably true a few years ago. In the present times, there’s no need to submit your URLs to search engines.

* Frequent updates. There are some sites that haven’t been updated in years and yet still rank high in Google. Updating your site frequently only increases your search engine crawl rate but not necessarily your rankings.

* Link buying. This is partially correct. Google does ban sites for link buying if they figure out that there are paid links linking to it.

* Google Sitemap. It might help to have one on your site but it is not necessary if your site was built correctly.

* PPC ads. Some think that running Google AdWords will help increase rankings while some think that it actually hurts rankings.

* Meta tags. Although these help, a site will not rank on meta tags alone and a site without meta tags may still rank high.

* Web design. Web design is very important but it’s not true that you don’t need to re-design often. Website redesign definitely helps even if only for the appreciation of your visitors.

* Flash page. Using Flash is not necessarily bad SEO. If you definitely want to use Flash, it just means you have to focus your SEO efforts in other aspects.

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