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Albama, New York (PressExposure) August 25, 2009 -- Herbs have been used by human beings since ages for the beneficial effects these have on our body. These are distinguished from other plants and tress in having no woody outgrowth. There are groups that may term certain shrubs and even trees as herbs on the basis of their uses which are more or less like herbs. Whereas, there are groups like botanists that clearly classify herbs or herbaceous plants from other type of vegetation. Herbs may be annual, biennial or perennial and usually leaves and roots are the parts of these herbs that are used by us; both in fresh and dried out and grounded form. Herbs are mainly used for one of the following purposes by human beings:

1. Culinary Purpose: Herbs have long been used in various cuisines. These are used in small quantities in the meals to add flavor and scent to different dishes. Such herbs include garlic chives, celery, rosemary, salad burnet, mint, spearmint, lemon balm and rocket to name few. Culinary use of herbs sometimes includes even other types of plantation in the category of herbs. Examples include rosemary that is a shrub actually and bay laurel that is a tree in fact. Growing these herbs in your garden is not only easy but also leaves a whole set of flavor and scent enhancing ingredients at your disposal.

2. Medicinal Use: Perhaps it is the oldest of the purposes for which herbs are used. Herbs are found to possess healing powers that can cure a number of diseases. Whether it is some problem of digestive tract or you want to increase immunity against diseases; herbs are God's gifts to rectify all these issues. There are herbs that are supposed to reduces the chances of heart failure and even cancer. Still there are others that can increase your blood glucose level being a blessing to those suffering from diabetes. If you are concerned about mental health and well being or want to have an energetic life; all you need is to add a pinch of herbs in your life. The good news in this regard is that herbs don't have any side effects and that is the reason they are increasingly replacing expensive synthetic drugs these days. However, all herbs are not beneficial and there are some that are toxin in nature and though small quantity of them can leave positive and healthy impact on your body but large intake may lead to worse reactions. It is important to seek advice of some expert before using herbs especially for medicinal purposes.

3. For Pest Control: Herbs likes mint, spearmint and pennyroyal are sought for their quality to keep away insects and harmful pests such as moths, ants, mice, flees and ticks etc.

4. In Spiritual Rituals: Herbs hold spiritual value in some religions of the world e.g. Christianity and Hinduism. These are praised even in Divine books including Bible and Quran for the beneficial effects these have on our lives.

5. Decorative Purposes: Herbs are used as decorative indoor plants as well; for their beauty and fragrance. Herbs like lavender, pineapple sage, lemon thyme and geranium can some of the herbs that not only add beauty to your garden but also make your day for the enchanting fragrances. Some herbs offer beautiful and eye catching hues; silver, gold and blue are just some of the beautiful shades and ways a herb can decorate your corner of the world. Artemisias and santolinas are good choices if you want to give it the bright silver color whereas lemon thyme, nasturtium and calendula are the herbs to go for if you want to give it a golden touch. Hyssop, rosemary and catmint are hers that will give your garden a beautiful blue color.

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