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Washington Dc, MD (PressExposure) May 18, 2009 -- Web design is all about styling. It is a common phrase that’s often misused by many people. More technically, Wikipedia defines it as the skill of designing presentations of content that is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web. According to an Orange County Web Design company, designing a website is just like designing a house. There are numerous websites and each of them has their own style.

An expert on Orange County Web Design says that just like anything that requires styling and design, there are trends in web design. A trend is something that becomes popular to some extent within mainstream society over a long period of time. Web design is a relatively new field of design and there are still many experimentations being done by web designers. It’s not uncommon to see an unusual design approach that goes against the mainstream and then become a classic approach. An Orange County Web Design company cites this as the reason for the many emerging trends in web design. A new trend can be on recent developments, new design elements, new graphic approaches, new layouts, and new visual approaches.

Below are just some of the popular emerging trends for 2009 according to smashingmagazine.com.

* Embossing/Letterpress – Often used in product designs and on websites for online services.

*Rich user interfaces – AJAX and Flash are now widely used and websites have richer and more responsive user interface. There are more user interaction in websites.

*PNG transparency – A style very similar to what is seen in printed media like magazines. To highlight an important design element, semi-transparent backgrounds stand out in the overall background of a page. The use of PNG transparency is more often seen in the header or footer of designs.

*Big typography – Font sizes are now reaching up to 36 pixels. Design agencies, portfolios, product websites, and online services are expected to use this design trend to communicate the most important messages of their websites.

*Font replacement – A trend towards font replacement is observed but these fonts are often seamlessly integrated in the design of the website, not as the primary font.

*Modal boxes – These are also labeled as the second-generations pop-ups. They are used as alternatives to JavaScript windows.

*Media blocks – The emerging trend of using media blocks can be attributed to faster internet connections. It’s very common to see videos, Flash, or JavaScript.

*The magazine look – Many websites now resemble traditional techniques from print media like the arrangement of posts on a page, the use of typography, illustrations, and text alignment.

*Carousels/slideshows – These are slideshow navigations in which the content rotates vertically or horizontally.

*Introduction blocks – Slogans, brief introductions, and the like, usually in vivid typography, are now often found at the top of the page.

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