Popularity Of Lincoln Cent Still Growing Stronger

Aventura, FL (PressExposure) July 01, 2011 -- Coin collection could be an expensive hobby or a strong investment. Especially when you have the special Lincoln penny released on 11 February 2011, there is a feeling of being lucky. The coin released as the 100th birthday of Lincoln was first struck in the year 1909.

The penny has been created out of different materials like tin, zinc, steel and copper. The Lincoln penny was created out of 95% copper and 5% tin as well as zinc. Figure out which period was your coin designed, right here: http://www.coinmogul.com. During the war period as the copper was used for other purpose, steel was used for designing the coins that were later coated using zinc. The bronze cents have been created since 1947 and then a next batch came out in 1982.

Recently the US minted Lincoln cent birthplace was out and there was clear notice informing the penny rolls would be for a limited time period only. The coin with log cabin design was released on the 200th birth anniversary of Abraham Lincoln in 2009. These mints have been very popular among coin collecting individuals worldwide. The circulated Lincoln cent roll and penny rolls can help you make a quick profit. The market will offer a good price to these special coins dating back to the world war period or the recent ones.

It can be difficult to examine these coins if you are new to the world of coin collection. Original surface of the 1943 Lincoln cent will be zinc coated and gray-blue as far as appearance is concerned. The smooth surface of coins will not have bubbles or pits. In case you have laid hands on the reprocessed Lincoln cent roll, you will note some pitting and a plated surface on specific regions. There is a bumpy look to damaged coins. There are web based sources, blogs, communities and online stores to get the information about your collected coins like http://www.coinmogul.com.

It will not be wise to invest in some reprocessed coins, sold out as uncirculated Lincoln penny roll. You can use the services online for identifying specific coins. The coins honoring Abraham Lincoln and his service to the society will be priceless to some coin collectors. You need to figure out the way to order the right coins and add value to your collection.

The history and time when a coin was designed makes all the difference to you its value. Ensure you have the right Lincoln penny and not a fake with apt study.

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