Postal Strategies Levels The Playing Field For Small Businesses

Scottsdale, AZ (PressExposure) February 17, 2009 -- With everyone looking for ways to cut costs during these tough economic times, the last thing any business owner wants to hear is that they don’t qualify for a discount.

Yet for many small businesses, that’s exactly what happens when they try to lower their postal costs on their invoices, newsletters and correspondence.

Enter Sandy Smith and her company, Postal Strategies, to level the playing field for small business owners across the Valley. Smith delivers those postal discounts to her clients with no minimums, no contracts and no fees. Small businesses can save up to 15 percent on their postal fees by using her company and, best of all, they never have to set foot in a post office again.

“We provide postal discounts to businesses that would ordinarily be excluded from them,” Smith said. “And we do it while making our clients’ businesses more efficient and productive.”

Until Postal Strategies came along, small businesses had several major hurdles to clear if they wanted a break on postage. They had to purchase a permit from the post office, invest in postal software and, last but not least, commit to mail at least 500 pieces of mail each time.

Postal Strategies changes all of that. Now small businesses who could never dream of reaching the 500-piece minimum enjoy discounted rates. They have a reliable, free service that picks up when they request, delivers the mail to the post office and saves them money - all at the same time.

Smith’s Scottsdale-based company opened its doors in 2007 after years of the entrepreneur listening to her husband, who worked for Midwestern presort service, turn away business prospects at cocktail parties because they didn’t meet the minimum requirements of his employer.

“Some of the businesses were right next door to exisiting clients” Smith said. “That didn’t make sense. They were passing up business because the potential client didn’t qualify.”

So after her family relocated to the Valley, Smith began drawing up the plans for a presort service that embraced the little guy.

“Everyone wants to save money,” Smith said. “It didn’t seem right that only the largest companies were allowed discounts. So we leveled the playing field.”

Now business is thriving and clients are signing on to take advantage of the discounts Postal Strategies can offer. Even relatively small accounts can save thousands of dollars with Smith’s company. And who couldn’t use that in tough economic times like these?

“When a prospect understands the program and that their workload and liability will actually decrease, the decision to join us becomes a no brainer,” Smith said.

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Now business is thriving and clients are signing on to take advantage of the discounts Postal Strategies can offer

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