Postcard Marketing During the Recession

Telford, PA (PressExposure) September 17, 2009 -- If you are thinking of collateral to help you market effectively during these trying times then postcard printing is THE market strategy to help you. Postcard printing is one marketing tool that is very popular with business owners and marketers.


You can easily produce and design cheap postcards without sacrificing the effect and impact of your message to your target clients. You can print postcards minus the high costs usually associated with other types of direct marketing collaterals. Remember how much you used to shell out every time you produce your other collaterals? With cheap postcards, you only need a few cents for every card printed. They are indeed great tools to have to pull you out of the current recession.

As the current economic situation continues to deepen on a southward slant, here are more reasons why you should go for postcard marketing as your strategy:

You get to send your collaterals to a 'warm' list. This list is a directory of people who know you and are loyal to your business. As a rule, it is easier to market to a 'warm' list because you are sure to get a greater response from them rather than from strangers. Using this, you can have a positive impact because you can reach out to as many clients in your list. They know you and they will be more acceptable of a postcard printing material that comes from you.

Your marketing tool can provide sizable mailings to generate enough leads for your business. Unlike other multiple-page collaterals, your advertising can be mailed to as many target clients as you want because they're easier to post and much more affordable. You do not need an envelope to send them out. You can already mail them as they are, or you can always hand them out personally to your clients. They do not tip the scale too much that mailing them is more cost effective than say, mailing brochures and catalogs in bulk.

They can make it easy for you to be visible and consistent. Effective marketing is all about sending as many collaterals to your target audience, and as often as possible. It takes at least 7 times before your target clients can even recognize your brand. To be certain that they keep you in their minds, be sure to send your postcards repeatedly and consistently.

You do not need to be bothered by address labels and stamps with postcards. One great thing about mailing postcards is that you do not need to put them in envelopes. You can send them as they are. This means then that you do not need to be bothered by such things as address labels, stamps and even the postal requirements for such. Not only can you send them to your target market right away, but also you spend less when mailing them.

For you to afford and save even more with your postcard printing, be sure to discuss your requirements with your postcard vendor. They can help you choose the right design at the right costs.

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