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Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) May 04, 2008 -- It can be a thrill to get a postcard from the mail - receiving greetings from friends and family vacationing somewhere in the Bahamas or Egypt of anywhere on the globe. Postcards serve as a reminder that somewhere, someone is remembered. This is simply why the postcard printing service is as constant as it is today.

However, not all postcards are worth keeping or reading. There are good postcards with thoughtful and well-written notes but then there are those you dread to get - cheap-looking postcards with equally crappy messages.

Working Art Into Your Postcards

Spare mankind from an unfortunate encounter with the latter if you intent to send out your greetings. Postcard printing is easy. You don't have to settle with the limited selection on the racks. Make your own to ensure quality every single time. All it takes is a little know-how a crash course on design.


Ever wondered when the time will come when the color wheels and complementary color lessons will come in handy? This is your chance to showcase those art skills you've been saving since kindergarten.

• Colors have a significant effect on your output. The main colors you pick and the other hues you'll choose to go with it will determine the overall aesthetic value of your postcard. Your ability to use colors that complement each other may make or break your postcard design and print.

• In choosing which colors will go together, do not rely on your set of favorite colors. While all of them may look vibrant or soothing to the eyes, placing them side-by-side is a different thing.


• A point of interest can be achieved by giving your postcards sharp contras. This can easily by made by using the light on dark or dark on light principles. Letters stand out and are easier to read when a dark colored font is placed against a light colored background.

• Adding a shadow on the text is a good effect that will help provide distinction among the colors.

• Also, use fonts size at no less than 6pt. whether serif or non-serif fonts. This is the safest size that your text will be printed clearly and legibly.

• Test the ability of the colors to blend or contrast. Experiment by coming up with different combinations and by comparing which suits the theme of your postcard best.

Drafting a Design

• To begin your postcard project, you must first select a suitable image for your postcard. If you choose to make a souvenir or destination postcard like a beach, choose an image filled with white sand, waves or seashell littered shoreline.

• Upload or scan that picture and set it to the size you want. Common measurements are 5" x 7" and 4.25' x 6". However, as required by most printing companies, you should extend your artwork to at least 1/8 of an inch on all sides. This extended area is the bleed that makes sure no white lines appear on the borders of your postcards once cut to size.

• Don't' forget to design the back portion of your postcard. Add 5 lines and a stamp box to finish it off. When you're done, send your design to a printing company and ask for a proof prior to printing.

• And among everything else, don't forget to prepare your postcards beforehand to give time for postcard printing and shipping.

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