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Clarendon, TX (PressExposure) September 26, 2006 -- The power of writing effective ezine articles is one of the best ways to achieve organic positioning for a website. Why do ezine articles work so well and how to best use this wonderful medium as part of a successful seo campaign will be the focus here.

What are ezines? Ezines are simply another word for online magazines. Authors will contribute their special takes on relevant issues. The reason that ezine articles come very quickly to the top of a search engine category is the simple fact that many authors daily are writing articles. Hence, constantly changing content is added to the website. Search engine spiders like the one at Google are drawn to areas that have this constantly changing content, therefore, ezines are spidered very frequently.

This spidering works to the advantage of the author enabling their articles to place in top positions on the searches. The results here speak for themselves…high rankings…more traffic to a website…leading to more sales of the product or service offered.

When composing an effective ezine article, one must also remember that blatant advertising is simply not tolerated. Now, one can find a few ezine publishers that allow this, but the better ones will not.

Writing good informational content is the rule here. One can find all types of ways to mold words from an advertisement into an effective ezine article. It takes time and visualization and most of all WORK!

The whole idea behind ezines is the fact that they are already websites, so the only thing needed in that website is information or content. This is precisely why the spiders love these articles, they are simply relevant content added to a website.

People are generally afraid of writing articles or content. Perhaps they think that they will be laughed at or scoffed, but the actual fact is, learning to write effective articles is very simple.

Simply pick an area that knowledge is possessed and begin. Soon, the words will start appearing like magic. This is similar to the same thing as a simple workout routine. The more it is done, the easier it becomes and the more the desired results begin to surface.

Writing articles is like anything else. Simply taking baby steps, then working up from that point to a greater level of consistency, one can achieve excellent results in no time at all.

One very important thing to remember…do not copy and paste information from other websites trying to fool the spiders. They are wise little buggers, they can tell the difference. One will be smited from Google by using techniques other than original and relevant content in that the websites promoted will not achieve top positions.

All that is needed now is a keyboard and an idea. Then getting to work it the next step!

Butch Hamilton is an SEO|SEM Specialist. Living on the internet has become a way of life...a succesful way of life. His talents for obtaining top positions on the search engines have led him to the point in his life where he has always wanted to be.

"Life-What a Ride!"

Says Mr. Hamilton, "Writing has always been my passion. Gone are the days when I placed blatant ads on the internet for exposure. I have found my life's work in writing articles.

Reliable and credible information is what the internet is all about to Butch Hamilton. His experience as a self employed building contractor...steel fabrication...has led him on an incredible journey.

He now resides in his beautiful home in Texas with his wife. Writing is the passion behind his successful promoting ability on the net.

Butch Hamilton's Quote: "What we think-is what we become."

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