Powerband Internet Releases Worldwide Fiber Optic Internet Connections Now Available to Consumers

Fresno, CA (PressExposure) December 17, 2008 -- Powerband Internet is launching a global internet service called "Powerband Internet" on Monday, December 15th. It is a revolutionary service that offers fiber optic internet speeds to consumers anywhere in the country/world. Powerband breaks speeds of up to 1Gbps, 18,000 times faster than Dial up and over 160 times faster than DSL or Cable. Powerband is quoted to be able to download a full length movie in just over 10 seconds and has the ability to download an entire computer game in just over 1 second. Powerband Internet utilizes a new ISP technology that they've been developing and is the latest breakthrough in providing fiber optic data networks to consumers all over the country/world with no expensive hardware needed to install.

There are no requirements on how close to the telco that you've got to be to qualify for Powerband and it finally gives rural users an option as well to get ultra high speed internet connections instead of the conventional Dial Up and expensive Satellite data connections usually relied upon. Powerband will also be essential for data intensive businesses that up until now had to pay for large expensive T1 systems.

Powerband Internet is the first internet connection of its kind and finally provides users all over the world, regardless of location, with the ability to achieve record breaking speeds.

As of September Powerband Internet broke a record for offering the fastest consumer data connection available to consumers. Powerband requires no additional hardware and costs $40.00 a month for the service.

Powerband Internet CEO, Mike Pronovost was quoted as saying "With Powerband we wanted to bring innovation to the ISP market. We wanted to provide users with the fastest connection possible, make it affordable for everyone, and make it available to as many users as possible. Our ultimate goal with Powerband was to make it an internet connection unlike any other, and I really think that we've succeeded in doing that."

Please visit PowerbandInternet.com for more information.

About Powerband Internet

Powerband Internet is the Newest Ultra High Speed Internet Service Provider. We provide fiber optic internet services straight to consumers homes regardless of location with no hardware costs and monthly plans starting at just $40.00 a month.


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