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New York, New York (PressExposure) February 19, 2011 -- Imagine if every new "event" related to your products,services, and company was now professionally brought to market in a new press release, branding your company in the kind of light that naturally stimulates clickthroughs to your salespages and more orders of your products or services as a result...

With the IMPressReleaseGenerator, you won't have to just imagine more sales, exposure ,or marketshare because the 18 pre-formatted and ready to go *professional* templates are just waiting for you to take advantage of better search engine rankings, backlinks, and traffic. All of these now are just a total of only 7 clicks away for you, putting you miles ahead of your competition.

In 2009, those who have the most market attention will have the most marketshare. But, now with the IMPressReleaseGenerator, you have the best of both...and it's automated!

Anyone who has ever tried to write their own effective press release from scratch will tell you how difficult or even how impossible it is...

To study and then create such a press release that gets the results you want may take you days or even weeks.

And when you do this, you just don't know the effectiveness of the final version of your press release especially if you have no prior experience creating your own press releases before.

This means that if your press release lacks the quality of a professional publicist's touch then you just wasted that much time in your life when you could've been doing more productive things.

If you were to hire a professional publicist to write your very own press release which has the potent built-in "catch" phrases to hook readers into going to your website can cost you way in excess of as little as $50 each.

If you had just a mere 1 new product launch a month, 1 new article written each month, or 1 new blog entry created every month then it would cost you $600 a year alone for this uber luxury.

And if you had just 5 new audio release announcements a month, 5 new articles written each month, or 5 new blog entry created every month for a year then it would cost you $3000 a year alone for this luxury of hiring a professional publicist.

But, even if you wanted a press release modified you it will cost you as much as even $149 each. Do some quick math and see how much that would cost you per price release you need to have edited!

So all in all that's WAY TOO MUCH money you would be flushing straight down the toilet when instead you could be investing that whole amount for other clever marketing purposes instead, which would only help you to make even more money!

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