Pre-Roll Ads Come To Web Sites In The Form Of Walk-On Ads

Palm Beach Gardens, FL (PressExposure) April 30, 2009 -- Advertising on the World Wide Web is a major business. In 2008 about $30,000,000,000 was spent advertising online. There are 219,537,606 Internet users in the United States, which is 72.3% of the population. (All figures from a CBS radio sales presentation)

However, advertising on the Web is changing. Most people think of banner ads, pop-up ads and spam email when they think of Internet advertising. It is the pre-roll ads on video (e.g. television shows) and audio (e.g. listening to radio stations) that represent the most effective and growing segment of online advertising.

What’s interesting about this type of advertising is that unlike pop-ups, banner ads, and junk email, pre-roll advertising is accepted by viewers/listeners, and at times even enjoyed. Just like television commercials, pre-roll ads can be entertaining, and in fact, to be successful, they need to be entertaining.

Also, pre-roll ads must be watched if visitors want to view or listen to the show they have brought up on their computers. They cannot be blocked (pop up blocker) or screened/filtered (to email junk folders). The ad can also not be ignored like banner ads on web sites, and are not fighting to get noticed by being presented amongst numerous other ads. This assures the advertiser that every time the ad is played, it reaches at least one potential customer.

But television shows, movies, radio stations, etc., are not the only ways people use the Internet for entertainment. Web sites and blogs about football, politics, television shows, movies, pets, recipes, science fiction, investments, the environment, health, etc. receive lots of traffic; as do game sites, dating sites, weather sites, map sites and more.

Now, thanks to walk-on ads, these entertainment venues (web sites) can also offer pre-roll ads. Walk-on ads allow sites that may not be big profit centers, to make money, while advertisers reach their visitors to generate sales or build brand. When a visitor comes to a web site, there is a 15 second ad that the visitor must see if he/she wants to remain on that page. A person (or persons) “walks on” to that web page and provides about 15 seconds worth of advertising or brand-building (includes click on me for more information, or to go to web site). Just like pre-roll ads, the ad only plays once, and needs to be entertaining. After the 15 seconds or so are up, the visitor can stay on that page as long as he/she likes “walk-on-ad-free”. And web sites can have their walk-on ads placed in a rotation to vary the ad that their visitors see.

There are a number of different versions of walk-on ads, however, the most beneficial are the ones that work like pre-roll ads. That means the ads should not be in a player, or bring up a menu of options when the mouse is moved over it so it can be turned off before the ad is finished playing. It should also not continually jump out at you every time the mouse moves over it. That is cool for the developer and the advertiser, but annoying for the visitor to the web page. The goal is to have web site advertising mimic television advertising, something that my not be loved by all, but is accepted by most, and one of the characteristics of television advertising is that when it is over, it is over.

One of the benefits of placing pre-roll, walk-on ads on websites rather than using pre-rolls on video/radio shows is that you can better target a potential audience. For example, if you have a pet product, you can target an age/demographic group with video/radio shows, but using web sites, you can target a site dealing with pet health or pet-friendly hotels. Pre-rolls are one-on-one marketing, making them very personal, so having an immediate connection to the viewer increases the chances of a sale or building brand recognition.

If you would like to see a sample ad, Jay Goldberg, CEO of DTR Inc., made a demo at www.DTRConsulting.BIZ. Mr. Goldberg is far from a professional model, but he made the ad to understand the process and demonstrate its ease. If you are interested in using a walk-on ad for your business, or if you have a web site and would like to offer walk-on ads, be sure to click on the ad to find out more information and send in the contact form. The direct link to that page (will skip the ad) is www.DTRConsulting.BIZ/dtrwalkon.htm [http://www.DTRConsulting.BIZ/dtrwalkon.htm].

About DTR Inc.

DTR Inc. is a Business Consulting Firm located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Contact CEO Jay Goldberg at 561-842-9942.

Jay Goldberg is a former 14-year executive with Citibank in New York where he specialized in all aspects of customer service (including generating a Bankcard Customer Service Profitability Model that quantified how much profit was earned from providing superior customer service) and employee training.  

Mr. Goldberg's work readiness training programs are amongst the best in the Country. At a meeting in Jacksonville, FL on 1/14/03, Rick Spill of the National Skills Standard Board said that the program developed by Mr. Goldberg was the best work readiness certification program in the country, and that many of the other work readiness programs cause more harm than do good. His work readiness book, "How to Get, Keep and Be Well Paid in Job" (click here) received a five star review from the Midwest Book Review.

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