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While companies are searching for more efficient ways to target customers, many innovations are constantly being developed. One of these developments is Voice Broadcasting. Voice Broadcasting is arguably the best and easiest way to reach out to customers. Customers can be reached instantly and in a matter of seconds. Voice Broadcasting has improved dramatically since its inception in the early 1990's. While originally very simple and basic, Voice Broadcasting can now offer a lot more to any company, organization or agency. When utilized through a Virtual Call Center, Voice Broadcasting systems can have the user record a web based message. Once the message is saved on the internet, the Voice Broadcasting system can now send that message to hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers at a time, all instantly and simultaneously. Voice Broadcasting systems manage a database of call lists as well as digitally recorded phone messages. By using advanced telephony components, all the calls can be broadcasted concurrently. Many Voice Broadcasting systems include advanced features such as answering machine detection, and the right technology and intelligence to know when to start the message.

Additionally, many Voice Broadcasting systems have the capabilities to include personalized information into each phone message through the integration of IVR, Interactive Voice Response and text-to-speech software.Not only do businesses and companies benefit from the applications of Voice Broadcasting, but many other organizations benefit as well. Non-profit agencies, community agencies and offices, political campaigns, surveys, government agencies and other agencies all benefit directly from the use of Voice Broadcasting. As a matter of fact, government authorities use Voice Broadcasting for emergency purposes, calling it reverse 911. And not only do all these types of agencies benefit from Voice Broadcasting, the actual people who receive the call gain much benefit, not only as customers or clients. Workers, emergency responders, members, employees, or subscribers can be contacted through the use of Voice Broadcasting.

"Voice Broadcasting has been one of the most popular products we have to offer," says Steve Cohen, Vice President of Sales at Freedom TeleWork, a southern Florida based telecommunications solutions company. "All our products here at Freedom TeleWork are intended to help our customers save money in achieving their efforts, yet Voice Broadcasting is just simply the easiest and most effective way of doing just that," says Cohen.In addition to Voice Broadcasting, Freedom TeleWork offers many unique and amazing products to help accompany Virtual Call Centers. IVR and Predictive Dialing are just a couple of products that help to form Hosted Call Center or a Hosted Contact Center. A Predictive Dialer helps Virtual Call Center agents organize and save time by reducing their need to sift through "bad" lists, thereby increasing the agents' time actually working. In addition to all the products offered at Freedom TeleWork, they have also recently introduced TeleWorkers, the world's first and only online community of Virtual Call Center agents. The purpose of the TeleWorkers community is to achieve networking benefits for both employer (the company) and employee (the Virtual Call Center agents).

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