Pregnancy: Not Just a Nine Month Stint Anymore

Desert Hot Springs, CA (PressExposure) August 02, 2015 -- Paul Starke, co-founder of Before Conception Health Resort, wants to make sure that, besides painting the spare bedroom pink or blue and worrying about the cost of college education in eighteen years, no woman overlooks the most important consideration of all: Getting her body to become a healthy environment for making a baby prior to conception.

According to current medical research, of vital concern to any woman considering getting pregnant should be detoxifying her baby's first home: The womb.

We've all heard the importance of avoiding risky situations during pregnancy. But, living on a polluted planet, we ingest thousands of toxins. As they build up, health gets affected in incalculable ways. The good news is, the human body is a remarkable machine, with natural corrective mechanisms to detoxify and heal limited exposure to contaminants. However, once overloaded, it has no choice but to store them -- in fat cells, muscles and organs.

Of great concern to Starke and the medical staff at Before Conception Health, a subsidiary of Living Longer Medical Resort, a longevity and healing center in Desert Hot Springs, California, is what's showing up in the umbilical cord, the baby's direct lifeline. Recent studies show as many as 240 hazardous chemicals stored and going directly to baby, confirming a correlation to birth defects and the skyrocketing rates of autism and ADHD.

As the baby grows up, these chemicals could source to numerous health issues including asthma, neuro-degenerative diseases and cancer.

The team created the center with one main goal: To give future mothers healthy bodies to grow healthy babies, thus giving the best possible start right from conception.

But this wasn't always his focus.

The successful results Starke had treating a variety of diseases at his healing center (such as dementia, stroke, cancer, sports injuries, traumatic brain injuries, diabetes and neuro-degenerative diseases, among others), inspired him to offer specific help to those planning to be parents.

"I feel a moral responsibility to help the future generation," he explains, "and what's proven for the cure works for prevention."

The team of experts, supervised by Dr. Zayd Ratansi, doctor of naturopathy and renowned hyperbaric oxygen specialist, set up an individualized, supervised protocol. "The technology is dramatically helping women with fertility issues, with the added benefit of making healthy babies," Starke explains, and the pre-conception cleanse works in conjunction with IVF.

Before Conception Health is giving hope to future babies and their parents. Call 800-980-5746 to set up a free medical evaluation and to find out more go to

About Before Conception Health

About Before Conception Health Resort:
Like many baby boomers, Paul Starke resisted putting his aging parents into a nursing home. For years he researched healing alternatives, gathering an array of progressive medical devices and information about natural healing. He took this passion and, along with a medical staff, started Living Longer Medical Resort for longevity and health issues in the renowned healing area of Desert Hot Springs, California. Before Conception Health is a subsidiary of Living Longer Medical Resort.

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