Prepare Schedule D or Track and Manage Your Trade Portfolios with TradeMax Software

Las Vegas, Nevada (PressExposure) March 17, 2011 -- TradeMax 2011, inheriting the features of version 2010, perfects its functions by expanding its Graphical Reporting module, Import Wizard Module and Multiple currency Accounting capability. It facilitates the user to import trade data from all kinds of formats files, handle an unlimited number of trading accounts which can be combined for tax purpose, accurately calculate capital gains & losses and wash sale across the individual or combined accounts and make necessary adjustment for next tax year. Prepare and generate various reports within minutes, not days which can be exported to popular tax software such as TaxCut®, TurboTax®, users can analyze your trading performance on daily or monthly basis, manage investments and portfolios easily by ten or more generated reports. In addition, users can track investments easily by updating prices and retrieving transactions from the internet with the push of a button.

Using a software as TradeMax can help the trader to save more time and money.

The key features of TradeMax® 2011 include the following:

1. Track your trade
- Comprehensive Corporate Events Module
Recording various corporate events, on one hand, which helps you maintain your trading history in the event of corporate actions such as stock splits, stock merge, spinoff and symbol changes, expand the portfolios and enable you to cross-reinvest income from any investment: on the other hand, users can better adjust the cost basis of the stock by that amount and track incomes, expenses, credits, debts and banks transactions.

- Intelligent Option Cost Basis Adjustment Function
Auto- detecting Assigned, Exercised and Expired option, TradeMax® 2011 also defers cost to corresponding shares with its Option Adjustment function.

- Powerful Forex Rates Wizard (Improved!)
Auto-convert the transactions under Non-USD currency into USD figures using downloaded Forex Rates through its powerful forex Rates Module.

- Multiple currency Accounting (New!)
For active traders who traded in multiple currencies, the cash balance and account value calculation must be a tough and tedious chore, TradeMax's Multiple currency Accounting feature solve this dilemma based on the latest downloaded exchange rate, so that users can track the trade performance from instant to instant.

2. Monitor your capital gain easily
- Run different reports to monitor your capital gains (Improved!)
Users can analyze your trading performance easily with the help of various generated reports, track market value of the securities on daily basis for monitoring with Daily Market Value and report their trading activity on Form 4797 with Mark to Market for Form 4797 report, which can be exported to PDF, EXCEL, WORD or TEXT files.

- Daily Graphical Reporting( New!)
TradeMax 2011 provides users with easy steps to generate Daily Account/Portfolio Value Chart Report or Mark to Market Gains & Losses Pie report for the purpose of better investment, Daily Account Value chart report helps the users compare your current Account Value with other index(DowJones,S&P500) and analyze trade performance based on the detailed information on daily basis, while the Gains & Losses Pie reports give the users a total or summary information about the gains or losses of selected securities during a specific fiscal year or a set time period.

3. Handle wash sales
Neutral Trend TradeMax® 2011 properly calculates various Wash Sale scenarios. TradeMax®2010 provides calculation rule with Low-to-high levels applying to different capital losses and generates your reports based on the selected wash sale calculation rule.

4. Prepare schedule D
- Comprehensive Import Module (Improved!)
TradeMax 2011 supports more brokerage accounts than 2010, especially those popular brokers from which trade data can be directly imported. TradeMax also provide multiple easy and convenient options for users to import your trade data into TradeMax, users can either import trade data from local file or import directly from online brokers, or just copy the transaction history from the brokerage then paste to TradeMax's clipboard.

- Multiple transaction lot matching methods
Neutral Trend TradeMax® uses strict "First In, First Out" (FIFO) trade matching as a default method

- Simplify tax preparation
Neutral Trend TradeMax® 2011 can simplify handle the reporting of security performance for trade analysis and calculates Wash Sales automatically.

5. Data Security
TradeMax®'s data files are stored on computer in encrypted form. It can't be viewed with third party text editor.

6. Automated Web Updates
It only takes a matter of minutes to keep your TradeMax software current. With one click on pop-up dialog box each time you run TradeMax on your PC, you are prompted to download and install the latest update.

Pricing and Availability
TradeMax® Basic is available at an estimated price of $69.00 USD per 12 months subscription. TradeMax® Standard is available at an estimated price of $119.00USD per 12 months subscription. TradeMax® Deluxe is available at an estimated price of $169.00 USD per 12 months subscription. TradeMax® Premier is available at an estimated price of $297.00 USD per 12 months subscription. All TradeMax® products have trial version free for download online. Trial version has limited function whicgenerates report for transaction between Jan to Jun. All our products come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program, notify us within 30 days of purchase and you will get all your money back.

About Neutral Trend Inc

Neutral Trend Inc. was created as a private-held software firm in the state of Nevada. Since its inception, Neutral Trend has developed TradeMax™, a Windows 7™ style trade software.

Neutral Trend's mission is to provide our customer state-of-the-art trade software. We are committed to deliver quality product to you. We believe we can help you.

TradeMax™ is Neutral Trend's flag-ship product. By using our product, we help our customers to manage their trade data, optimize their gain/loss strategy and prepare their Schedule D.

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