Prepare Your Children to Start Their Lives After Graduation With The Twelve Days of Graduation

Mooresville, NC (PressExposure) April 19, 2008 -- As parents, it is hard for us to let go of our kids especially after graduation. From that point, they need to learn to make their own decisions with little or no guidance from us. Whether we like it or not, our kids have become adults, ready for more responsibilities and more independence. But before we send them out into the reality of responsibility, we have to provoke them to think, to ensure that your child has a sturdy foundation of faith that will keep them strong when they are on their own. The Twelve Days of Graduation by Nickie Carpenter was designed just for that.

As your child nears graduation, parents feel a mixture of fear and pride. Pride in seeing their child finally grow up and fear that he or she may not be ready to face the world. Reinforce your child's foundation of faith with The Twelve Days of Graduation. Parents can encourage their children through this book and help them step out into the adult world.

With the fast-paced lifestyle we have all become accustomed to, it is no surprise that some things have slipped out of hands. The fact is that temptation attacks our minds, especially the children through television, music, peer pressure and the Internet, all entice the behavior of wrongdoing. This book was written to guide parents in preparing their son or daughter in taking a step out on their own and taking a leap of faith. It is an outreach tool for both parents and children during graduation, which will help bridge the gap and broaden their understanding of their faith.

The Twelve Days of Graduation is a great gift for any student graduating from high school or college. Inside, you will find twelve verses for each day leading up to graduation. Each verse along with some fun correlating gift ideas will be presented daily to open some key topics of conversation. On the day of graduation, the other side of the book contains The Twelve Days of Prayer presented to boost the prayer life of anyone who reads it with an open heart.

There are many challenges that the new generation will face. We can only guide them to a certain point and from then on, our prayers will guide them. Get a copy of The Twelve Days of Graduation and join the author in praying for the students across this country and the whole world.

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Nickie Carpenter resides in North Carolina with her husband Robbie. On her wedding day she dedicated her life to Christ. Since doing so she´s acquired a generous taste for God’s word. In her Christian walk the Lord has embodied in her a great desire to share with others the promises of God’s word.

We all need to prepare our children for graduation and life or the world will do it for us. Nickie's new book The Twelve Days of Graduation helps to do this. It covers the twelve steps in detail and is a great gift The Twelve Days of Graduation []. You can find the book at Nickie Carpenter [] website.

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