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Tampa, FL (PressExposure) March 28, 2008 -- Quick! What drugs come to mind when you hear the words "drug addiction?" I'm guessing your immediate thoughts were cocaine, heroin, meth and pot, to name some.

Well, welcome to the new milennium where the above referenced drugs, although still being used in remarkable numbers, are beginning to take a backseat to, what some might term, even scarier drugs - legal drugs!

These are the drugs that are in your medicine cabinet right now, that you and your child have access to. Let's face it, how many of us lock up our medicine cabinets? How many moms lock up or hide their purses to prevent their children from rummaging through them, looking for mom's Xanax prescription pills or OxyContin pills. This is not a thought that is paramount in our minds...and yet it should be!

Prescription pill abuse is rapidly reaching epidemic proportions and doctors are handing these pills out willy-nilly. Let me say that I am for strong pain pills. We do need them. I don't want to break my arm (such as my husband did recently) and only be given aspirin for the pain.

But I also don't want my family doc to prescribe strong medicines to me when a much less powerful and non-addictive drug is readily available.

People are conning docs into prescribing the strong drugs by maximizing the degree of their pain, and a lot of doctors are only too willing to write out a prescription. This is not a blanket indictment of the medical profession. Drug addicted people are very adept at manipulating people, including educated physicians, to give them what they want.

The blame can be shared by a lot of people, from the drug addicted person, to the parents who have their children put on many of these drugs for one reason or another, to their prescribing physician, to the pharmaceutical reps who push the latest drugs from their company, to Big Pharma who knowingly put these very addictive drugs out there without regard to the consequences. The bottom line is always money and the really bottom line is that people are dying from these drugs in record numbers.

There is a strong voice wailing in the wind though against such pill abuse. This voice belongs to "Larry G" who is a pharmacist by day and a crusading radio talk show host once a week.

Larry G's show emanates from the Tampa, Florida area on WGUL 860 AM every Sunday night from 9 PM to 10 PM EST. The show is also carried via streaming audio. The name of the show is Prescription Addiction Radio - Breaking The Silence and it is a must listen!! Larry is passionate about the prescription pill abuse that he witnesses on a daily basis.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV on Sunday nights, you owe it to yourself to take one hour of your time and tune into this highly informative, innovative, entertaining talk show. Don't despair though. If you can't listen in real time, you can always log onto the website the next day or next week, and listen to Larry and his guests.

On March 16th, Joseph Califano, former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare in the Carter Administration was the featured speaker. You will be fascinated by that interview. Larry has some important guests lined up for his shows in the coming weeks and you won't want to miss what they will have to say. They will be discussing the widespread abuse of prescription pills. You can't afford to miss these speakers.

The show is also reaching out to our youth by having young people in the studio commenting on the drug problem in our country today. If you have children, I would encourage you to sit down and listen to the show with them. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss drugs with your children and to have them learn from their peers.

I was incredibly fortunate to be one of the speakers on Larry's show on March 23rd, since I am the author of a book (listed in my bio) and it was an incredible experience. I learned a lot from listening and you will too.

If you have children, or know anyone you think might be at risk for abusing prescription pills, I strongly urge you to do yourself a favor and tune in to Larry's show. You won't be disappointed and you will have spent an hour being informed of this new peril that is threatening our children and adults too.

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Prescription Addiction Radio - Breaking The Silence WGUL 860 AM Tampa Florida, hosted by Larry G, pharmacist.

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