Prescription Avandia has Been Linked to Cases of Serious Side Effects and Fatalities

Great River, NY (PressExposure) September 25, 2009 -- The prescription drug Avandia (rosiglitazone) causes an increase in liver problems, heart problems and bone density problems resulting in fractures. It has been linked to cases of death due to liver failure and heart failure. Patients who have taken Avandia should be aware of possible side effects and should know when to seek treatment for serious Avandia related health problems.

Avandia is FDA approved, but must carry a warning label detailing the risk of heart disease, heart failure and stroke. Patients who have a history of certain medical conditions such as heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, smoking, and stroke are more at risk to experience serious side effects while taking Avandia. In addition, patients who take other medications including diuretics, nitrate medication, seizure medication, steroids, and thyroid medication may be more prone to experience the serious side effects associated with Avandia.

GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturers of Avandia, market it as a drug to treat Type II diabetes by helping control blood sugar. Although Avandia comes with a warning label, some experts believe that physicians have been too lax in their prescription and monitoring of the drug. This concern prompted an additional warning to be issued by the FDA in 2007 requiring new warning labels concerning risk of heart disease to be applied to all thiazolidinedione drugs. In addition, doctors have been urged to monitor patients more closely for symptoms of possible heart failure and other serious medical problems.

Patients who experience symptoms such as blurry vision, difficulty breathing, easy bruising, jaundice, nausea, stomach pain, fractures of the hand, upper arm, or foot or paralysis on one side of the body should see a doctor immediately. The doctor should know that the patient is taking Avandia as these symptoms could indicate a medical condition caused by the drug. Female patients have been demonstrated to be especially prone to bone fractures caused by rosiglitazone based drugs.

In spite of the FDA warning regarding the risks of taking Avandia, many patients may have taken the drug before the warning labels were required and could be entitled to receive monetary compensation. Patients who have taken Avandia and family members of those who may have become ill or died due to Avandia related side effects may wish to consult an attorney regarding the possibility of a legal claim.

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