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Drive Knoxville, TN (PressExposure) March 04, 2009 -- Prescription drugs are pharmaceutical drugs that can only be obtained with a doctor's consent or permission. They are legally allowed to be bought over the counter by a doctor's written order. And therefore, they are safe and usable by the patient. Why is there such a thing as prescription drug abuse?

Now, a lot of people may have faulty conclusions about what prescription drugs really are. In some cases, people abuse prescription drugs because they think these are safer and less addictive than those you could buy anywhere in the streets. And because a doctor prescribed them, they could easily be bought in pharmacies and could do them not much harm. But on the contrary, there are more things to think about that will surely refrain you from abusing these drugs.

Taking drugs recommended by the doctor is used to treat illness of a particular individual only. And even if you have the same concerns as the other patient, the drug might not work as well with you as it would with the other. So if it wasn't recommended to you and for you by the doctor, take into consideration that it is more dangerous than you think and is just as illegal as those you find in the streets.

An adolescent drug treatment will educate you with how to handle this problem. Prescription drugs fall under three types. One are oploids which are used as painkillers and cough or diahrrea relievers. These control the central nervous system so that the body will be prevented from feeling pain. Another are central nervous system deppressants which include valium and xanax. These are used to treat anxiety, tension, pain attacks and sleep disorders resulting to drowsiness. And lastly are the widely used stimulants which increase brain activity, resulting in greater energy. The adolescent drug treatment focuses on helping you learn that you cannot just pass around prescriptions by the doctor, especially in the family for it is not just fallible to abuse, but they may even cause more illnesses to arise.

High doses of these will cause abnormality in normal body functions and may impair the senses. That is why adolescent drug treatment explores also all possible causes of addiction and impairment that prescription drug abuse may result to. It rehabilitates the individual to regain the use of these functions and therefore takes a lot of effort not only by the adolescent drug treatment center and their facilities but also the coordination of the individual and everyone in the family as well.

These will tell us not to use prescription drugs for the wrong reasons. It may get worst and you may be responsible for the worsening of your friend or your family member's condition by passing your prescription. Remember that the piece of paper given to you by your doctor is for you alone and for the particular concern that you have approached your doctor with in the first place.

Prescribed drugs are safe and effective, let us use them with caution and treat them as the doctor says so.

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