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Jupiter, NY (PressExposure) August 20, 2009 -- Have you ever thought where this economic crash will lead you? We believe that the present economic recession offers the opportunity to take stock on your personal finances. Now is the time to get out of debt, and get ready for the economic reversal that is coming. The economic down turn has hit the US Consumer hard. The effect is so severe that Americans, who had a comfortable living with few debts, are now constantly worrying about losing their jobs and succumbing to financial ruin.

Credit card companies have lowered limits and increased interest rates, forcing people who have played by the rules to re-evaluate their debt situation. These actions by the credit card companies have had a tremendous impact on the consumer’s ability to meet their monthly obligations. The end result is that consumers are in a position where they are making minimum payments on their debts; which prevents them from reducing their debt in a reasonable time frame. The consumer is in effect on a debt treadmill that is going no where.

This is not just affecting a small group of people; but many hundred of thousands across the nation are now facing the wrath of debt collectors and creditors calls.

Never Fear Certified Financial Solutions is here, to help you out of your financial woes. We are proud to announce a proven method of debt settlement, which we call “Attorney Supervised Debt Settlement” With A.S.D.S. the customer is no longer at the mercy of an unscrupulous Debt Settlement Company, where many have proven to engage in unfair practices resulting in their customers being in deeper financial trouble then when they started.

A.S.D.S. works for you the consumer. All our actions are completely attorney supervised, which means that your case is reviewed by our legal department to ensure that debt settlement is the proper course for you. As our client you will be informed by the Debt Analyst of your consumer rights, available options, and debt settlement resolution strategies.

Help is available from Stewart J Smith, a Senior Debt Analyst at Certified Financial Solutions, who has spent a great amount of time in getting to understand consumer debt issues, helping people resolve their debts so that they can resume their life free from financial stress.“ I have done a tremendous amount of research, conducted surveys and have found that there are many Debt Settlement companies practicing misleading and dishonest procedures. Our debt solution ensures that the debt settlement process is the right course of action for the consumer and just as important, that the process in accomplishing the goal of becoming debt free is handled legally and ethically”, said Stewart while speaking on the occasion of his official website launch.

Stewart also mentioned “While the government may be giving a helping hand, those with small debts who might benefit from those small grants. We want to focus on consumers with $10,000.00 or more in unsecured debts. like the medical bill debts, unsecured personal loans, credit card debts etc.”

Look into Certified Financial Solution’s settlement process which comprises debt analysis, consultation and settlement, the success rate of the people that have relieved themselves of their debt is phenomenal. Stewart can be reached for a free debt consultation at any time by simply visiting and filling an online form with your details, or by phone CALL (877) 293-0008 for an appointment.

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