Pretmanns Unveils Nozzle Product To Address Problems With Water Scarcity

Brisbane, (PressExposure) July 25, 2013 -- Pretmanns joins the trend for water conservation and convenience with its Hose Nozzle product that the company means to market for preservation and profit. The nozzle product is purported to offer some features that the company is confident customers will find useful and that will help in the ever growing concern of the essential resource drying up. The product can be bought through online stores such as, though the company plans to expand their reach by tapping into other point for purchase.

Pretty much the whole point to having a hose is for the use of water that requires it to be directed at a single spot in order to achieve the task that it was meant for. These uses are many and varied and they can range from putting out fires to save lives or for less dangerous reasons such as watering your plants. For these reasons, the benefits of using water are hardly ever disputed. However, the matter of hose nozzles might be considered with a bit more doubt as customers can question the necessity of using a nozzle for the hose.

The company heads off this line of thinking with its company line. "How you can help protect our children's heritage whilst doing everyday chores!" the company asks adults who are fond of using a hose to direct water for many purposes. "It seems so simple but by using this hose nozzle you will actively help protect our water supplies."

It can be inferred that what the company is talking about is the reported increasing scarcity of usable water supplies spreading throughout the world. Many experts stress that the amount of water has not changed, but the steady sources of water supply are changing locations.

Experts agree that this will spell trouble for future generations when the water reservoirs that they depend on to survive become too difficult to reach, much less transport into zone of habitation. According to the company though, people can do their part in slowing the process.

"Protecting our natural resources sounds like a very noble goal, but something that is best left to the authorities. After all, what can you possibly do which will make a difference? Well, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE."

The company stresses that people do not have to resign themselves to the inevitable result of water reservoirs drying up since even the smallest contributions on their part will be of great help. Even by just using a nozzle for their hose that can save a considerable amount of water but is still capable of allowing them to finish their chores is already of great value.

Since a hose without a nozzle can use up almost 10 gallons of water every minute, the company explains how their product can cut that down considerably.

"This water saving hose nozzle," the company states, "is pressure compensated to deliver a consistent, high velocity spray on all 7 spray settings with a maximum flow of 2.5 gallons per minute."

To the observant reader, that saves 75% of water that could have been wasted with a hose that is allowed to flow freely. And with the options for customers of up to 7 settings for how the water is used, the company is confident that their product will suit practically every purpose that their customers could have.

On the financial side of the discussion, the company also attempts to reassure their customers by stating that, "We are so confident that you will enjoy this product that we will guarantee it for a full year against any defects in material and workmanship."

As always though, the final decision will be left up to the buyer. More research and wider options might be needed to achieve full satisfaction.

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