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Northwich, Cheshire United Kingdom (PressExposure) April 14, 2007 -- If you have started experiencing hair loss then this is the time to go for Hair loss Prevention. As steps taken now will only benefit you in the long run. Hair loss is a very common problem experienced by most people at various age groups. This is the reason why Combat Hair Loss advises and provides hair loss treatments. However, prior beginning your hair loss regimen it is wise to know its main cause.

Hair loss can be due to various reasons, it can be hereditary, it can be after the child birth, it can be due to wrong diet and many other reasons. In hair loss prevention [] there is an incorrect notion that hereditary hair loss is not preventable. This is wrong as by taking a few precautionary steps you can prevent hair loss. The best hair loss prevention is to catch it early and to understand it’s root causes and treat the cause relevant to your specific situation.

According to a few dermatologists, hair loss occurs due to improper care and over usage of colouring, styling or excessive blow drying your hair. These factors may contribute to your hair loss. Thus, don’t try to strive hard for infusing more style, as this can lead to hair loss.

Excessive styling generally damages the hair follicles and can become the main factor of hair loss for you. It has been seen that hair loss prevention is not too difficult if you keep a proper check and make it part of your daily routine. Most trusted hair loss prevention is to have a balanced diet along with plenty of water. And if it is accompanied with calcium and other sources of Vitamin A then it becomes the best hair loss prevention [] without the need for expensive treatments.

Apart from that using a good conditioner every time you shampoo also prevent hair from certain damage. Don’t forget to consult the expert dermatologist for knowing the best hair loss prevention as he is the one who can provide you with the expert advice. Along with all these precautionary methods also take treatments to prevent hair loss if you feel you are beginning to suffer. Amongst all minoxidil is a well known solution which can be applied to the scalp to stop hair loss by both men and women. However, this does not work for everyone and can lead to scalp irritation.

One of the main causes of hair loss is the production of testosterone, that is the male hormone, which is converted by an enzyme to form dihytestosterone or DHT []. DHT is needed by the body but its excessive growth ultimately leads to hair loss. Above all DHT is also responsible for thinning your hair. Thus, by decreasing the DHT production, the life cycle of your hair follicles can be simultaneously increased. For more information on hair loss prevention, hair loss remedy, hair loss treatments, hair loss reasons, hair loss medication and hair loss drug please visit

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