Prime Minister Deposes Royal Family in Bid to Improve Ratings

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) January 09, 2012 -- David Eckhoff announced his new book today, The Royal Factor. The story, available for Kindle, iPad, iPhone and other Kindle-compatible devices (synopsis and links to Amazon below), is a story about a Prime Minister who tries to improve his ratings by tricking the Royal Family into leaving the UK to tour the Commonwealth, triggering a 'dethroning clause'. He then blackmails a TV talent-show impresario into developing The Royal Factor, a TV show designed to select an 'Alternative Royal Family'.

Of course, the PM's plans go disastrously wrong: The Royal Factor ends up choosing a family devoted to tanning beds and creating a police state. Britain is outraged and people show their feelings through riotous protest. The PM is left with only one option; he must secretly recover Her Majesty from her cruise ship, moored off the USA, and get her back before the dethroning clause kicks in and the UK descends into civil war.

Using a combination of fact, fiction, satire, romance and comedy to explore popular entertainment, politics and the cult of celebrity, the book is aimed at entertaining audiences with an interest in current affairs - and TV talent shows. Riots; Royal misdemeanours, media smears; lunatic chauffeurs, army officers, cabinet ministers and retail assistants; enforced marriage of a gay man to a woman and the fact that the PM's best friend is the Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition also feature, amongst other factors.

It is David Eckhoff's first novel , he said: "I wrote The Royal Factor to entertain, make readers worry deeply about politics, wish that the story to be true, create laughter and help them understand that people in the most senior positions are no more capable than the rest of us. I wanted it to appeal to Private Eyereaders, royalists, republicans and those devoted to TV talent shows in Britain, the US and everywhere else they are shown. So I bought a netbook and wrote it on my work commute. Thanks to the extra time gifted to me through the constant delays, breakdowns and signal failures of railway company, Southeastern Railways, it took me less than two years to write.

"I hope people enjoy this positive that I have created from the negatives of commuting. It combines the excesses of politicians with the practical reality of celebrity life and shows a human side to many of those in the public eye. I loved writing it on the train and ended each journey, the ones that did actually end, with a smile on my face. I hope readers will feel the same."

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David Eckhoff is a public relations person who has run his own PR agency, worked in the corporate world and helped businesses and individuals achieve recognition in local, national and international media. He has also written and performed stand-up comedy as 'Sid Cup' in a range of London comedy clubs. His career has enabled him to work with politicians, politicians who have become celebrities and celebrities. Much PR work is about writing and David has always enjoyed this aspect of his work, now moving towards novel writing, combining some personal experience with news, fiction, comedy and unhealthy cynicism.


Britain is in trouble, its Prime Minister is in more trouble and the Royal Family is making trouble: dropping condoms from helicopters onto Westminster Cathedral, shooting protesters and outsourcing Duchy Originals to eastern Europe, amongst other antics.

The country is nearing revolt. Liaising with his dysfunctional cabinet and press adviser, the PM attempts to depose the Royals using deception and a vastly exaggerated piece of the constitution, a sort of 'dethroning clause' hidden since the days of Richard the Lionheart. But Britain will still want its pageantry and heritage, so how will he replace them?

Enter Terry Francis, TV talent-show impresario and acquaintance of the PM's wife. Terry's own life is far from perfect; it is managed by his domineering mother and lunatic chauffeur, Sebastian. He has also lost his libido, gained an unfortunate reputation as a sex-offender, upset Britain's foulest-mouthed fashion retailer and temporarily misplaced the first girl he has loved for many years.

By blackmailing Terry to design a new talent show, The Royal Factor, to find Britain's 'Alternative Royal Family' and persuading the real Royals to go on a Commonwealth tour until the dethroning clause kicks in, the PM believes he has found the solution. However, his bungled attempts to influence the telephone vote results in an Alternative Royal Family that Britons hate even more. And when people hear rumours about the PM's 'secret' plans to replace the real Royals with a family motivated by tanning beds and creating a police state, Britain descends into anarchy.

The PM seeks to resolve the situation again by asking the Queen to return early but she refuses, saying that only an idiot would take the dethroning clause seriously. This forces the PM to enlist the special forces to get the Queen back in time for her to keep her throne. He forgets that he's tied up the SAS and Marines in various wars and has to settle for a small force from the Parachute Regiment, led by a deranged colonel who should really be in an institution other than the armed forces.

After insisting that he accompanies the Paras in their attempt to kidnap the Queen, the PM accidentally shoots at a US Coastguard vessel, blowing it out of the water. Fearing that he might end up on Death Row or that he might have started a war with the US, he and the Paras manage to get back to England undercover, with the Queen, and restore order.

In the mean-time Terry has located the love of his life and settles down into a sexually frantic relationship aided by small blue pills not only supplied to him by Sebastian but also secretly placed in his food by girlfriend Agnes. The PM begins to fight the forthcoming election by taking a holiday in Cliff Richard's house, accompanied by his wife and occasionally, his best friend, the Leader of the Opposition.

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Information and/or review copies by email can be obtained from David Eckhoff on 07866 261198 or

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