Printer Repair Training Memberships Offer Unique Advantage To IT Department Training Regimens and Independent Technicians

Plano, TX (PressExposure) May 22, 2011 -- My Tech Guru announced today that they have launched a new printer repair training membership web site at In addition to My Tech Guru's core training product, the Basic Laser Printer Maintenance and Repair Training DVD, the new membership aspect will allow subscribers to learn and review printer repair concepts over time, starting from the basics and continuing through to intermediate and advanced printer repair techniques. Several different membership options are available, which will allow cost-effective access to independent technicians, small businesses, printer consumable oriented service businesses, and Fortune 500 IT departments.

Only a few years ago, many printer repairs were delegated to outsourced technicians and service providers, as a specialty. Most IT departments were staffed by IT professionals that were primarily assigned to the upkeep and functionality of the company's computers and networks. There were very few resources for Independent technicians to learn about printers, and consequently, printer repair became a specialty for a handful of technicians and service companies. That specialty concept began to erode as competitive and economic realities began to sink in for IT budgets and small business overhead. "As IT budgets dwindled and small business margins shrank, printer repair was back on the table as a possible internal task. Despite the fact that IT departments were being asked to do more with fewer resources, and as a matter of survival for small to medium sized businesses, internal printer repair became more of a necessity," explained Brad Barton, owner of My Tech Guru. "The problem was that there were very few options available to learn how to repair printers without travelling to a small handful of centers, and spending several weeks training. Obviously not a practical approach for tight budgets and reduced IT personnel."

To help combat the printer repair training deficit, My Tech Guru released its first Basic Laser Printer Maintenance and Repair Training DVD in 2006. The general concept was to create a training format whereby the individual technician, or IT department could quickly and easily learn the basics of printer repair without losing time and absorbing the high cost of training at a small handful of available training centers. According to Barton, "The DVD concept was so successful that people from Australia to Ireland, and from India to Kuwait ordered the DVD even though it is only available in English. And here at home, IT departments ranging from various city, state and federal departments to companies such as General Dynamics and Northrup Grumman have ordered copies of the DVD training." The membership web site at is notably different in a couple important characteristics. First, the training is delivered as a series of articles, many of which include video. These articles are delivered to subscribers over time, usually every week or two. Second, the cost of the first level premium membership is a fraction of the cost of the DVD training, which itself is a fraction of the cost of traditional training at a remote training center. Barton states, "It is a sign of the times that we endeavor to deliver quality training products at prices anyone can afford. While we will continue to update our DVD training periodically, the reality is that we can update our online content nearly instantly, at a fraction of the cost of DVD production and inventory. For example, we created a training video for Cartridge World that was used for teaching their franchisees how to use a service manual at work shops around the country. That training video was available online within a day or two of creation, and is now part of one of the first articles available to premium members."

Printer Coach premium memberships are automatically billed to a credit card or PayPal account monthly or annually. The initial membership term is two years, but can be renewed beyond that if desired. Premium memberships can also be cancelled at any time without penalty. The potential downside to delivering printer repair training content over time is that the training proceeds at the pace set by My Tech Guru, rather than the student. Barton added, "The premium memberships are simply an additional method to learn printer repair. At a remote training center the curriculum is set by the facility, and while it might be delivered over a period of a few weeks the total cost is outrageous. With a Printer Coach premium membership you can learn how to use a 500 page service manual and receive a brief overview of the basics in less than a month, for less than ten bucks." Printer Coach premium memberships include help desk support options for members, ranging from email to priority phone support. Topics begin with service manual instruction, and range from basic maintenance issues to complex repairs. The online format allows access any time of the day or night, to fit the schedule of individual subscribers.

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