Prison Re-Entry Drives Tax Payers To Cover Medical Costs For Urban Gun Homicides

New Haven, Connecticut (PressExposure) January 12, 2010 -- The issue of Prison Re-Entry is rivaling that of the issue of urban gun violence. In many cases, in the City of New Haven, the two go hand-in-hand. Based on Connecticut Department of Correction reports on the rate of prisoners who re-enter New Haven, in 2008, CT Prison Re-Entry - a program of CTRIBAT Institute for Social Development Inc. projected that by 2009 the number of prisoners discharged and released to the city will reach a minimum average of 2,600 per year.

Also in 2008, gun violence statistics from the New Haven Police Department reported that over 90% of victims and perpetrators of gun violence are African American, Latino, or Hispanic males. New Haven has the highest arrest of African American males statewide, most of whom are incarcerated on gun charges, violent crimes or illegal drug possession/selling. Many of these prisoners are younger and more resilient. In 2008, CT Prison Re-Entry, therefore, projected that profiles of future prisoners discharged and released to the city would be more violent, void of skill sets, educationally unprepared and more socially disconnected than current and previous individuals re-entering from prison.

Many of these were proven to be very true, with less that 14 days left until the end of the 2009. Although gun related homicides in New Haven were down in 2009 by nearly 50%. However, there was a 41% increase in gun related homicides among Black males. The most striking contrast was that of the 11gun homicides, all of the victims were Black, which surpassed the 2006 homicide rate of 71% among Blacks.

There was also a significant increase in the common trends and the crime signature of 2009 urban gun crimes in New Haven. Almost all of these incidents of gun homicides showed increased acts of gun violence that are more common among international drug cartels and organized crime gangs.

CTRIBAT Institute for Social Development Inc.'s Report Summary reflects information that is relative to New Haven Firearm related homicides.

Urban Gun Homicide report: • New Haven gun homicide Victim Profile indicators were 90% Black Males, • Victims' ages-17to 47 years. • Over 90% were involved in the Criminal Justice System that ranged from a Felony Conviction, Probation, Parole, a prior jail sentence, some repeated offenders. • All of them had been arrested at one point in the past. • Over 95% of the suspects or perpetrators were Black males.

Location Trends indicate that: • Over 90% of these incidents of Gun Homicides occurred in predominately Black Communities • Gun homicides occurred between 10pm and 7am (during the late night and off peak hours.)

Injury Trends indicate that: • The acts of gun violence perpetrated involved more personal undertones. • The perpetrators unleashed acts of violence that was indicative of clips from violent motion picture films. • Of the 90% of urban gun violence homicides, approximately 45% of the victims were shot multiple times in an Assassination style scenario. • Of the 90% of urban gun violence homicides, approximately, 55% of the victims were shot at close range in the area of the face and or about the head in an Execution style scenario.

As forecasted in 2008, urban gun homicides that were committed in 2009 were more egregious than those in previous years.

Urban Gun Homicide Medical Cost: Based on information collected from local and national sources, CTRIBAT Inc. estimates that the Public Safety Cost and Medical Cost that are commonly associated with Firearm related violence are on the rise and due to the present state of our struggling economy, the astronomical costs associated with urban gun violence are passed on to the tax payers.

Notes: Medical costs do not include Emergency First Responders or follow up hospital care. These figures are based on 2006. Since that time, many costs have significantly increased. Moreover, this report does not reflect court cost for prosecuting gun crimes. Finally, these figures do not include economic impact loss to the city because of the violent incidents that deter potential business investors. Former police Chief F. Ortiz stated that, the City of New Haven loses approximately 1 million dollars in potential business investment for every gun violence related homicide. • Total of 11 Gun Homicides (90% [10] have been Black males). • Total estimated Medical Cost of 11 Homicides- $8.8 Million • Total estimated Police Services Cost of 11 Homicides- $211, 200 • Total economic impact loss to the City of New Haven- $11 Million • Total estimated cost for 2009 is 20 million dollars

Prison Re-Entry Report: • Approximately 4,676 released back into New Haven since 2006 • Among them, 2,935 were Blacks, (65.5%) of 4,676 prisoners • 1,032 total prisoners released back into New Haven in 2009 • Among them, 665 were blacks, (65%) of 1031 prisoners

Exacerbating factors: • Failing economy • Released prisoners with felony convictions are disqualified from various housing accommodations. • Convicted felons are rejected for mortgages and property loans adding to the prevention of homeownership. • Area job loss and opportunity • Inability to advance education while incarcerated. • Over 90% of gun homicide victims are from this population

Escalating Fatal Trend in Urban Gun Violence: From October 1, 2009 till January 4, 2010 there has been seven (7) gun related homicides in the City of New Haven. All of them have been fatal gunshot injuries to the head and/ or about the face. These patterns have been consistent to that of a serial series of crimes and project an inference of a "copy cat criminal/s." Victim's racial and ethnic profiles have stayed the same but the ages have expanded to 52 years (most recent victim). Another notable change in victim's profile was that the recent victims were grandfathers. This series of gun violence in New Haven is unmatched by any in the city's modern day history. The social and psychological impact on the affected youth and the economic deficit created by medical and public safety cost could prove to be detrimental to the city's future and the Yale University College community.

CTRIBAT Institute for Social Development Inc. services 210 young males and Females ages ranging between 9 years to 17 years. CTRIBAT offers students "life skill" workshops that focus on parent/student participation. The summer pilot called the "Leadership Retreat" focuses on fostering leadership skills in young people who reside in an Urban Environment (At-Risk Youth). The CTRIBAT 2006 Summer Pilot posted an impressive 400% reduction in firearm related violence in the neighborhood of operation. The CTRIBAT runs all the 12 months in a year. The program focuses on improving the relationship of law enforcement and the members of the urban sector. In June of 2008, CTRIBAT Inc. was awarded the All-American City Award in Tampa, Florida.

Summary report- prepared by CTRIBAT Institute for Social Development for distribution to the general public, Copyright by CTRIBAT Inc. Percentages and figures listed in this report are subject to a margin of error.

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