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Roodepoort, Gauteng South Africa (PressExposure) April 13, 2011 -- Benefits:

Daily contractual cleaning ensures that a company is hygienically clean and safe for employees, clients and guests.

Our staff are well trained in all aspects of cleaning, personal hygiene, health and safety and knowing what the client wants, and what the clients company is all about.

Theft has always been an issue in any company. Pro 2 clean has a fund that pays out when client theft happens. Each staff member of Pro 2 clean goes through a program where a specialist in a particular field is introduced. They then make our staff aware of the consequences should they affiliate themselves with theft.

HR and IR issues for all Pro 2 clean staff are managed by Pro 2 clean.

A specialized job card is given to each staff member to ensure that there are no mistakes, that no area goes uncleaned and so that each staff member knows precisely what to do and when to do it.

Chemical deep cleaning needs to be done to maintain the necessary level of hygiene. It needs to be done with the right chemicals and equipment to make sure that the hard to reach and difficult places like, toilets, basins, shower floors, walls and urinals are free from bacteria.

Deep cleaning any area will lower the risk of infections and diseases, keeping your clients and staff safe.

By deep cleaning any area, may it be washrooms, offices, kitchens, factories will make it much easier to maintain and for much longer even from a health and safety point of view.

Pro 2 clean will not only do the deep cleaning but work out a maintenance plan to make sure that it stays clean and when and how often you need to do deep cleaning.

Visiting a washroom is not an event that people generally talk about or spend hours contemplating over. The core of a washroom lies in the xperience of the facility that evokes a below the line impression that can greatly affect an individual's overall perception of any facility in a positive or a negative way.

Don't let your business fall into the negative way! Let Pro 2 clean help you to make sure that your restrooms are free from soils, bacteria, Viruses and other contaminants

We can supply you with the necessary equipment to make sure that your restrooms are hygienic and you can make sure that it stays that way by letting us maintain your restrooms on a monthly basis.


About Pro 2 Clean

Pro 2 clean, a company that specializes in the new era of cleaning. Our equipment, chemicals and the way we clean are acquired and very precise.

We equip our staff with all the tools and products that they need to reduce the time spent walking back and forth to a supply closet.
Each staff member gets a job card so that the precise cleaning route is followed, as will define the workflow.
Team cleaning is one of our strongest points. By doing team cleaning the work amount is divided equally so that each specialist can
focus on one or two tasks and doing it perfectly and in depth. In that way a superior level of cleaning is achieved.

Pro 2 clean is BEE compliant.

Getting started:

Pro 2 clean tries to recruit all cleaning staff from within the client's area.

Management goes through every aspect of cleaning that has to be done in the client's contract to ensure that there are no mistakes.
Each cleaning staff member is then taken through the contract to make sure that they know what to do and how they must do it.

A training session is also done before they start cleaning to make sure that they know who the client is, who the client's staff are and what is expected from us as a cleaning company.

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