Procera AVH - New Clinical Research Conclusively Proves That You Can Restore The Brain Power You Had 15 Years Ago

San Francisco, CA (PressExposure) October 19, 2011 -- Procera AVH the exceptional All-natural Memory Supplement has been created by a team of Neuro-Cognitive scientists in the Brain Research Labs. As outlined by Josh Reynolds Cognitive Clinical Researching Scientist, Clinically Praised Writer of "20/20 Brain Power", and Co-Founder of Brain Research Labs "The average grown-up brain is in an energy crisis . It's starving for oxygen, depleted of vital vitamins and minerals and neuro- transmitters. The end result is forgetfulness, fuzzy focus and mental fatigue. Procera AVH was invented over 20 years by a team of cognitive and neuro- scientists, as a risk-free and pure nutritional supplement to increase oxygen and neuro-transmitter amounts, and help protect your brain against the forces of aging, poor diet, stress and environmental toxins."

Procera AVH A New "NaturalSolution" for Forgetfulness, Brain Fog, Poor Focus, Mood Swings, and Mental Fatigue brought on by The aging process, Strain, Sleep Loss, and Poor Eating habits. offers a special triple action - Firstly it Oxygenates brain cells to rejuvenate your mind. Secondly it helps Guard your brain against toxins from anxiety and harmful toxins. Last but not the least it Regenerates your lowered neurotransmitters with crucial nutrients to get a sharper brain. Hence it helps to re-energize your brain and restore its wellness - so you can be at peak mental efficiency daily, with less stress and more self-assurance.

The wonder Brain Pill - procera AVH is made up of a incredible combination of secure, natural and beneficial elements that have been scientifically shown to help minimize anxiety associated problems (including anxiety and sleep loss), in addition to improve memory and recall speed, focus and concentration, mental clarity and even IQ. The trick to the mental faculties booster supplement's noticeably fast and effective boost in intellectual energy is an ingredient called Vinpocetine that's been proven to stimulate the brain. Users discover the brain vitamin Pills head clearing, mind focusing, energy boosting effects. The magic formula is a organic plant derived extract from the Periwinkle flower (Vinca minor) called Vinpocetine. Procera AVH's unique ability to improve moods, memory and mental clarity is dependent on its capability to rapidly restore the brains amounts of oxygen and acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter that plummets with age.

It is the only human brain health supplement scientifically tested by a leading brain research institute in a huge (>100), double-blind, placebo regulated and randomized review, and showing improvement in two types of memory (short term & long term) together with speed of memory, mood, mental clarity, mental energy and even IQ. The best parts of product is that - Only clinically tested cognitive ingredients are used in the preparation the quantity used of each ingredient in the preparation of the Herbal brain supplement has also been clinically tested Moreover Only trusted and tested organic material sources are utilized to ensure freshness and efficacy, under rigid superior quality control.

All in All Procera AVH is definitely taking the marketplace by storm and emerging as America's No 1 cognitive and mood enhancer. Presently they have publicised a exclusive offer wherein the customer can get 1 bottle free with their purchase of 2 bottles of Procera AVH Memory Pills as well as a copy of Josh Reynold's Medically Acclaimed book, "20/20 Brain Power" Free and also a Bottle of Ceraplex Brain Detox also Totally free.

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