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Arlington, TX (PressExposure) August 05, 2009 -- As you read every word of this short press release you will discover how to buy your home and make a profit. As foreclosures continue and personal finances collapse, many Americans see their homeownership dreams crumble. Mortgage delinquency spreads steady nationwide regardless of people’s credit history. Carlos Aguirre of RealVestment Associates states “people must act now and take advantage of current buyer’s market.” “Your dream can become a reality by usage of creativity, due diligence and the right tool to get a home at a discount.”

Although, there are signs of improvement in the housing market, Mr. Aguirre thinks the housing nightmare is still far from over. He continues to point out that other economic factors, like unemployment rates affect current homeowners, threatening to lose their home.

Further, he says, “the projected 8% unemployment rates forecasted by the current administration and various mainstream economists exceeded expectation sooner than expected. The initial projections were revised and projected to reach 10 percent or higher by 2010.” However, the revisions also failed for the unemployment rate already hit 10%, exceeding initial projections by 2 %. What is next…who should you believe?

According to the New York Times1, “More homeowners than ever before are falling behind on mortgage payments and sliding into foreclosure, spreading through the ranks of previously stable borrowers.” In addition, the Mortgage Bankers Association stated that in the first three months of 2009, 12% or “about 5.4 million of the country’s 45 million home loans were delinquent or in some stage of the foreclosure process; up from 11.93 percent at the end of 2008.”

Mr. Aguirre encourages first-time homebuyers to take advantage of homes with selling prices below market value. He emphasizes that there are numerous programs available for first-time homebuyers, such as tax credits and affordable interest rates. However, first-time homebuyers must take advantage of the tax credit extension. First-time homebuyers must close on their new purchase by November 30 to get the credit.

Think about this, what about people that have lost their homes, or do not qualify as a first-time homebuyer? If credit has been denied or there is no money to put the required 20% down, are these people out of luck?

If you answered yes, you are wrong! Mr. Aguirre replied that there are many real estate strategies that you can implement to buy a home. He said, “ I still remember when I once wanted to get a home and for whatever reason, I could not buy or qualify.” Is this your situation? Face it- there is not reason for this to happen to you. It is quite obvious you can use Mr. Aguirre’s solution to your problem.

The reality is-you must take control of your destiny, like Mr. Aguirre, decide to research for alternative ways to get a home and buy for cents on the dollar. What he did was to learn about creative real state strategies utilized by investors, he did his due diligence and took action. The only odd thing he said “ I started backwards-I started doing rehabs (fixer upper-renovation of a house) instead of just getting one at a wholesale price from an investor. Instead, I became an investor.”

Sdrawkcab 2 is OK! What’s important is you take action now and use the system. He started looking for homes for lease and homes for sale by owner (FSBO). He then, learned about lease purchase strategies and inquired with Realtors about investment sale until he found cheap real estate and purchased his first home at a deep discount. After that, he decided to learn more strategies and in the process he developed a real estate software or property acquisition evaluation software called Paes Plus ®.

Paes Plus ®, is a simple Excel based application designed by an investor for investors. However, considering today’s housing chaos Mr. Aguirre has made the application available to anybody interested in knowing how to structure a real state transaction creatively, using real estate strategies. When you use the free version you will discover why so many people get excited, buy the system and tell others about it.

You, like me, will see this clearly just think about it, the reviews from realtors, beginner and experienced real estate investors say it all. “The application guides you step by step and provides flexibility to structure the transaction, including exit strategies.” Paes Plus ® can be downloaded for free and it is fully functional for 14 days. You can visit [] for more information.

This application is a must have if you want to take advantage of real estate prices and cannot qualify for a loan or do not have the money for 20% down. If it is good for real estate investors and Realtors-it should be good for you!

For a limited time only- Mr. Aguirre is giving people the opportunity to own this money- making application FR-EE. If you download the free trial version and provide feedback on your experience using Paes Plus ® F.R.E.E. he will let you have a fully functional version at NO cost.

His goal is to make you aware and give you the opportunity of homeownership. Obviously, you can take advantage now and let everybody that really wants to know how to buy a home at a discount, regardless of credit issues and housing chaos, take action.

The free trial application is fully functional. Most important, it is a simple to follow system, which allows for the usage of credit cards, conventional financing, private investor loans, multiple investors or buyers and equity distribution according to the percentage of ownership for when the property is sold or refinanced.

The moral of the story is that anybody can learn creative real estate investment strategies to acquire a home for residence and if successful why not to invest in other properties to generate passive income. Do not let anybody tell you NO when you can make the homeownership dream come true. Just like Cecil B. DeMille (Director, producer, writer and actor) said, “The person who makes a success of living is the one who see his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly.”

Carlos Aguirre is a real estate investor and author of Paes Plus ®, a property acquisition/real estate software, ([]), a Certified Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)

instructor and experienced in real estate investment strategies, home mortgage, insurance, and financial services.

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