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Muelhiem, Germany (PressExposure) September 10, 2009 -- Advantages: Full pay and no cuts Did you ever felt like you're letting other people get rich on your back? You do all the work and you only get a small chunk of the money. That doesn't seem too fair is it? Plus, you never have to worry about getting your salary cut for whatever the reason. With LifePath Unlimited you get all the money, all the time, and your work is fully rewarded.

Cons: One to manage all Since you have all the control sure is amazing, it can also be over-burdening. Unlike your regular job where you only had to take care of a small part of a business, now you have to manage the whole business. That means you have to deal with all the suppliers, the marketing, the accounting, taxes and so on. Since you run a whole business by yourself, you have to deal with all the aspects of a business. LifePath Unlimited shows you how to deal with all these easily and you will learn how to even delegate some of them to other companies.

Positives: No commuting Commuting can be one of the biggest time wasters in your life. You get no work done while you are commuting and it's not even something that is fun to do. It's just a complete waste of time. This is why one of the biggest ups of working from home is that your work is right next to you so you save all that time that you would've spent commuting otherwise, on doing something useful or fun.

Negatives: Turning a whole room into an office So you may think that since you're working at home you can do all your work from your bedroom, doing work where you sleep is not a very good idea. You don't want to go through your working day feeling half-asleep and wishing you could spend more time in bed. At the end of the day you'll realize that you got little done and be disappointed with yourself. What you need is to set up a special room to call it your office. That's where all the work and Life Path Unlimited business will be done. The downside is that you have to crowd everything you had in that room into the rest of your home.

Highs: Living a healthier life Since you spend all day at home, you get to eat some real food for lunch. Working at a company office might get you to miss your meals or not eat proper food, which is bad for your body.

Disadvantages: Working all by yourself For many, being alone in the house might sound like a good idea if they usually prefer to work in privacy. However, for those who like making new friends and socializing, it may feel very lonely and may get depressed about it. Some people also work better when in teams and if you're one of them you might find it hard at first to do the work all by yourself.

With LifePath Unlimited you get to work from home but also interact with people that share your thoughts and ideas, and want to help you succeed as a person and also as a businessman or businesswoman.

Most people that are already working from home will tell you that they much prefer it to working at a company's office and that they are very happy they decided to take this step in the first place. At LifePath Unlimited you learn to take full advantage of any high potential opportunities that might come your way and achieve your full potential as a person.

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