Program Hosted by Kearney & Associates: The Experts' Alliance to Provide Attendees With A Game Plan for Handling the Baby Boomer Exodus

Tracy, CA (PressExposure) May 16, 2007 -- The economic growth and stability of the past few years was fueled to a great extent by the so-called Baby Boomer generation. They literally created the present work patterns, invested long hours, and made major contributions to the development of the U.S. economy. That group, the first of whom were born in 1946, is now moving rapidly toward retirement and with that retirement, they will take with them a knowledge base that is vital to corporate success.

Companies can't afford to lose both the dedication and the knowledge that has provided so much of the success in modern technology, industry, manufacturing, and retail. Since that is the case, companies are now looking for ways to ensure that the very foundations of their companies are not lost. Even the most dedicated new hire will not be able to draw on a rich and diverse knowledge base that parallels what the retirees will take with them. Are there any solutions? Not totally, but there are ways to offset the process. If it is not stopped, we will find ourselves in a situation much like the legend of the little boy who tried to stop the flooding in Holland by putting his fingers in the holes in the dyke.

If the loss of that knowledge base were the only problem, that would be bad enough, but there is another issue that is equally as critical. The communication gap that exists between the present generation of corporate executives and the members of the "X" and "Y" generations who will soon make up the majority of the workforce. The values systems, motivational patterns, and work ethics are not the same as those of the Baby Boomers, and the result is a communication gap that will play havoc with corporate success. Is this an impossible situation? No, but it can be if those in authority do not learn to understand the communication barriers that most likely exist between them and these two groups.

Kearney & Associates: The Experts' Alliance is a training and consulting company that has watched the changes that have occurred since the company's founding in 1983, and their work in present-day corporations alerted them to the pending disaster. Their research and personal experiences provided the information they needed to develop a program which they plan to roll out in Tracy, California, on June 22, 2007, at the Holiday Express. The title of the workshop tells it all, "Baby Boomer Exodus Can Trigger Disaster or Opportunities. Which Will It Be For Your Company?" The program will be a highly interactive, workshop the provides the tools and systems that executives are going to need to move through a period that if handled incorrectly will make the " bust" look like a minor ripple in America's economic stability.

The program was designed as a means of helping managers, supervisors, human resource personnel, entrepreneurs, and non-profit executives step around the minefields (as Dr. Elizabeth Kearney, the President of Kearney & Associates: The Experts' Alliance said, "We can't clear the landscape of those minefields, but we certainly can provide those attending with the tools needed to step carefully so as to not trigger an explosion"

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