Project PCOS is looking for women to share their stories and change their lives on new television show!

Pittsburgh, PA (PressExposure) February 15, 2007 -- The new show is committed to transforming people's lives and being an inspiration to others. It's a weight loss show that takes participants on the journey of a lifetime, leaving them in a completely new place than where they started - and possibly winning a large sum of money. It will be inspirational, health-conscious, and entertaining.

Many women with PCOS have difficulty looosing weight as up to 80% of women with PCOS have insulin resistance and/or health issues as a result of PCOS that make most normal dieting and weight loss strategies fail.

Furthermore, of the ten percent of women worldwide who have PCOS, it is estimated less than half know they have it and as a result have much higher risk factors for diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

According to Project PCOS Medical Advisor Dr. Dennis Gage ( Author: The Thinderella Syndrome), " Patients with PCOS improve their Insulin Resistance and indeed some patients have actually reversed much of their syndrome simply by significantly losing weight. Many patients who are successful at keeping weight off are able to have a return of normal menses even without medications. It is one of those strange situations where if you push hard enough, you seem to be able to reverse the syndrome. Thus defensive eating, a technique I teach in my TLC Program, means that you are practicing a certain pattern that you always hold on to and it is not as if you permit yourself to go back up in weight. Clearly "yo-yo'ing" for a PCOS patient would connotate a return of Insulin Resistance and the syndrome would bear down just as it had at the beginning before this patient dieted."

People who are interested in participating can get more information and apply at the following website: []

When submitting your applications and information, please reference Project PCOS, as we are working with Ricochet in hopes of including a woman with PCOS on the show!

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