Prolong Cell Phone Battery Lives - 6 Must-Know Tips

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) July 14, 2009 -- Frustrated when your cell phone runs out of power after only one-day use? Battery is the most fragile parts of a cell phone. Although the screen is easily to be scratched, the out case is not wear and tear resistant, or the keys might not very sensitively respond to our type, etc., none of them affects our normal use too much, right? Once the battery stops working, you mobile phone stops working.

Yes, you could get a very cheap mobile phone via various gadgets sellers, like wholesale mobile phone [], online electronics sellers, small cell phone sellers, or directly from the manufacturing factories. But are you willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new one just because your mobile phone battery doesn’t work. Most of you might choose to buy a new battery, however, the second battery is not the original, it couldn’t function as well as the first one. So guys, if you want to better use your cell phone, please effectively protect your cell phone battery. The following are some tips and skills:

1. For a new mobile phone, especially phone with a li-ion battery, remember to charge it at least for 14 hours and fully discharge for the for the first 2-4 use. Those ensure optimal capacity of your cell phone and ultimate ease of your future use.

2. Don’t keep your cell phone in extreme temperature. Too hot or over cold environment hurts cell phone battery. In summer, you’d better not store your phone in the car or other closed space while you need to keep it close to your body in winter.

3. Don’t charge your mobile phone every day. A fully-charged phone always could be used for 3 days. Frequent charge makes our phone get used to holding a half charge because of its so-called battery memory.

4. Turn phone off while charging. When you charge your mobile phone batteries, they produce certain warmth inside. So in order to keep the battery at a more appropriate temperature, please switch off your phone when the batteries are on charge.

5. The charging time is not the longer, the better. Too-long time charging causes too much heat and then influences our mobile phone functionality. The ideal charging time is all told in product instruction. You also could calculate: electrical quantity x charge outlet electricity. When the charger shows that your cell phone is fully-charged, leave your phone on the charger about 30 minutes for assuring of maximal capacity.

6. Don’t talk while charge. The depleting and recharging at the same time easily cause battery dysfunctions.

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