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Rutherford, New Jersey (PressExposure) October 11, 2012 -- There many options for promoting a car wash business, but the most popular option for car wash marketing are promo tools called promotional hangers.

Promotional hangers can be used to promote the car wash. After the customer has their car serviced, the car wash employee can then hang the company's promotional hanger on the car's rear view mirror, which shows the details of the business being promoted. Placing the promotional hanger on the rear view mirror provides a unique and effective way of attracting the attention of existing and prospective customers instantaneously. Promotional hangers come in a variety of designs, depending on the car wash's needs. The more appealing the design of the promotional hanger is, the more it will attract customers, old and new alike. Any business needing to advertise itself in a very attention-getting, visually appealing way will discover that promotional hangers are an effective tool for accomplishing the promotion of the business.

The most popular and effective promotional hanger used for car wash marketing is the one printed on 3.5" x 8.5" 12 pt. card stock. The design of the promotional hanger is to be taken in serious consideration for its car wash marketing effectiveness: a promotional hanger printed in full color and having high gloss UV coating applied for further protection is extremely appealing. If the car wash has some kind of promotion they want advertised, the bottom portion of the hanger can be designed to contain a perforated section. The perforated section created at the bottom of the promotional hanger is a tear-off piece that can contain details of a company's promotional activities (such as a special or discount offer). The customer can then tears off the bottom portion and redeem it at the car wash that is promoting itself - kind of like a coupon. Such exceptional car wash marketing ideas create increased business sales and attract potential customers. Promotional hangers placed on a car mirror hangers are brilliant car wash advertising ideas not just because they are customized and novel but also because they are extremely cost effective. The design for promotional hangers can be customized by using the variety of templates. The style, design and color that best suits the nature of your business is available at economical rates.

When ordering promotional hangers, one company called "" is a perfect resource. They have various design templates to choose from and they also do custom designs as well (additional charge added). When visiting their website, customers will find all the necessary information they need. Hanger details, pricing, marketing ideas and tools and contact information are just a few of the website's features. Orders for quantities of 1,000 for $295 to quantities of 10,000 for $995 can placed (for orders of more than 10,000, only phone orders are accepted).

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