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Ware, United Kingdom (PressExposure) October 05, 2009 -- The LHC started up September 2008, but within days there was a major incident, and it is only just about to restart experiments in autumn 2009 - with these two major objectives: -

1. To collide beams of lead particles with massive energy, to simulate cosmic conditions in the split second after the Universe is supposed by scientists to have started, 14 billion years ago or so in the ‘Big Bang’

2. So to investigate whether there are (seven or eight, according to the best known ‘string theories’) extra dimensions of space concealing a vast proportion of the total mass or energy of the Universe.

Cambridge trained scientist and Chartered Instrument Engineer, Simon Richard Lee, believes that he knows already what these extra dimensions contain, and also fully how they are structured.

His 400+ page book Scientific Proof that (God The Holy) Spirit Exists as at gives a startling but strangely familiar hypothesis – that these 7 or 8 dimensions comprise nothing less than (God the Holy) Spirit!

The final part of this book is called ‘Manifesto: Abolish All Money!’ as at and gives an ideal utopian world political view based on all his many scientific and spiritual findings in his main book as above.

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Describing the indescribable

A comprehensive and astonishing scientific description of (God the Holy) Spirit

If you ever wondered how science could provide us help in understanding Spirit and Soul, here you’ll find a lot of questions as well as a lot of strong answers. In a rigorous analysis that includes science as well as holy literature, Simon Lee shares with us his studies about the structure of the Spirit, the structure of what doesn’t seem to be visible.

Scientific Proof that (God The Holy) Spirit Exists proves to be a new milestone, crossing the borders of scientific and religious taboos. It is a very personal way to approach Nature and Spirit. New (truly spiritual) ways of approaching history, economics and diseases are consequently drawn in this three-part book.

A physicist and a computer scientist, the author supplies his work in a clear, popular way. His studies and theories are inspired by some personal visionary experiences, which add a fresh taste to the book, making it a really unique read.

Scientific Proof that (God The Holy) Spirit Exists is a book for those who dare to open a new door to the yet unknown world and are not closed to new theories and interpretations of both scientific and religious issues.


Scientific Proof that (God the Holy) Spirit Exists is a brilliant mixture of both religious and scientific writing. It is developed in three parts, in a clear and discursive way.

In the first part, a fascinating theory about Spiritual Energy is provided. The starting point is that Spiritual Energy =mc2, just like physical energy. Its ‘sevenfold nature’ in the Bible and other Holy Books, occurs in trees, fountains and cubes. The Sevenfold ‘Holy’ Spirit of God exactly occupies the ‘extra seven dimensions of the Universe’ of the latest "string theories" of science.

He produces at least eight equally fascinating scientific theories about Spirit, comprising overall his (natural) science of the Holy Spirit.

These theories may all be verified in autumn 2009 if the new Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Geneva detects that there are more than three dimensions of space. In fact that there are seven or eight ‘extra’ ones!

In the second part, Simon Lee makes his own very special translation of some chapters of the Holy Books, commenting on them in a stimulating and personal way.

In the third part the problems related to the cashless system are explained.

The last part of the book handles a new theory of - and cures for - all mental illnesses. In his fresh but rigorous style, the author proposes two new non chemical therapies.

Finally his dramatic and inspiring ‘Manifesto: Abolish All Money’ examines in great detail what the world would be like should Mankind as a whole Abolish Money…

This book is a journey into different worlds, where (natural) science and religion meet and walk side by side.

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