Proof The Human Body Can Correct Its Own Physical Problems

Seattle, WA (PressExposure) February 25, 2008 -- Triglycerides? Well, mine were over 300. I went to the doctor like most people who can't seem to come-out of feeling poorly. I had a bad case of chronic fatigue and my weight kept going up no matter what I did. My doctor, in 1990, simply told me I would die if I didn't lower my Triglyceride level. He also said that he had no idea how to fix my problems. Oh, by the way, he says, the bad cholesterol is also high, blood pressure is high (prescription given), thyroid is low (prescription given), and the weight has to come down-that was a "dah" moment for sure. I left with several good reasons to feel terrible-and I did.

Months later, I had talked to enough people and had read enough books to end up with one simple truth that solved everything: Medical Doctors do not recognize the Adrenal System and so they, including my doctor, didn't have any idea how to treat the symptoms I described because the system they would have to treat was not even part of their education. No lie! I found that simple truth and everything else just started falling into place: treat the Adrenal System- another dah moment!

After many more months and lots of dollars, my triglyceride level started down, bad cholesterol started down (good cholesterol started up) and my weight started down but leveled off at 30lbs lower. Thyroid stayed low and I continued with its prescription, I also removed the chronic from chronic fatigue so that now I just felt tired all the time but could get out of bed. The good news was progress. Things seemed simple now. Once I had named the problem, books started telling me what the Adrenals did and what I needed to to do to help them function. In short, I needed lots of potassium, chromium, B-Vitamins (especially B-5) and tons of other lessor items.

I thought I was done-wrong. The body is so delicately tuned that I could not take the right amounts of anything. My body wanted to work because my lab test readings had changed for the better. However, I couldn't get the "right stuff" in the "right amounts", and the cost was prohibitive. Even if I could afford it, I could not simulate mother nature. You got it, the next solution I needed was the right amounts of everything and to be able to afford it for the rest of my life. Solving this problem seemed hopeless. I went through more months of trial and error. Then it struck me--Amino Acids in large, consistent amounts. My body wants to work so let it make what it needed from Amino Acids. Now, I am off the Thyroid prescription, weight is starting to drop again and the rest have all stayed normal.

Ready? I started using cellular nutrition thru Herbalife as my base, then I added Bee Caps with chromium, and some Wal-Mart Potassium tabs-my body chooses the dosages and makes what ever-else it needs from what I give it. That is it!

Today, I simply supplement and listen carefully to my body and especially the Adrenals: I have learned how to recognize and make little adjustments when needed. After that, I just let my body do what it was made to do. My readings are all normal- with no prescriptions necessary, lots of energy and dropping weight. The human body is amazing!

Foot note: We each have but one life: My story is meant to assist those of you who are just beginning the journey to a healthier lifestyle and to encourage those of you who have paused along the way. I have become a distributor for both Bee Caps and Herbalife and will be glad to help you with the same items/dosages I am taking.

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