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East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) October 08, 2009 -- The goal that I would like to help you achieve in this article is to print cheap catalogs. This is something that most of us are trying to do these days just to help out a bit with the business finances.

Cheap catalog printing however can only be achieved through proper planning and proper knowledge of the whole printing process. Therefore, in this article, I will tell you how to get the cheapest possible cost for each of the catalog printing elements. Let us start with the most obvious and expensive element and that is the printing.

1. Cheap Printers - To get cheap printers for producing catalogs, you will need some patience and research skills. As you no doubt know by now, not all printers are the same and they vary greatly in terms of printing quality and more importantly printing COST. You will need to find a good balance of cheap printing cost with decent quality prints to get the best out of your business catalogs. This means that you will have to research very well.

I recommend using the Internet to find online printing services for your catalogs. Searching online is much faster and you can easily find reviews and feedbacks about certain publishing firms while checking out the printing rates. Look at the raw facts about printing quotations and customer reactions to these businesses. Find the cheapest and most highly regarded of them all and you have your cheap printer.

2. Cheap Designers - Now, finding cheap designers is far easier. You can also use the Internet for this, or you can also just ask around among your friends and family. You just need to find young budding artists preferably at around college level that can help you design your catalogs for a meager fee. You can even hire them as Interns and get the for free if you want. Since most of these your artists are eager to display their talent, you should have no trouble getting new and exciting designs for your catalogs.

3. Cheap Writers - For cheap writers for your catalog, the same rules apply as above. You can also indeed hire young writers for a meager fee or hire them as Interns instead. Just give them the information that you want them to write on and you should get some nicely written text for your catalog. Make sure to guide them though so that you can get them to write with the style and angle that you want.

4. Cheap Materials - Finally, when printing time comes, you should also try to find some cheap materials to use for your color catalogs. Thus, instead of having the whole catalog printed in thick glossy paper, why not use cheaper normal kinds of paper inside, while having thicker material on the cover. This can cut a lot of dollars unto the printing material cost. You might also want to go for cheaper but still good binding methods such as staple binding or comb binding to further cut down on costs.

Doing all these things should get you much closer to the goal of cheap catalog printing. Just try to be patient and determined so that you would be printing great color catalogs at a fraction of the cost. Good Luck!

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