Protein Takes Part In Communication Among Hair Growth Cells

Alabama City, Alabama (PressExposure) April 12, 2008 -- A Research conducted at Rockefeller University and the Howard Hughes Institute a protein that takes part in communication among hair growth cells.

The research published in the February 15 issue of Genes & Development, reveal that the communication between epithelial cells (found on upper portion of each hair follicle) and dermal papilla (cells that found in lower portion of hair follicles) is carried out by signaling molecule, a protein called BMP. It is said that it is the proteins that maintains all hair growth communication among these two types of cells.

It is said that the communication instructs the stem cells and dermal papilla to mature and regenerate hair follicles. After maturation of hair follicles, the protein signal instructs the growth of hair shaft within hair follicles. For more information and how it is accomplished and if it is really true, more extensive studies are needed.

Scientist at the moment do not know whether dermal papilla or stem cells are programmed to signaling among each other, however, it is certain that a special protein called BMP does take part in communication between these cells.

For years, it was thought that reduction in communication among these cells by BMP is necessary for healthy growth of these cells. But now it turns a new theory that this communication among stem cells and dermal papilla is necessary and crucial for healthy and normal hair growth cycles.

For further clues about the theory, more extensive research and studies are required. But as a rule of thumb, eat balanced diet and use quality natural hair care tonics to regularly nourish your hair follicles.

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