Protesters And Police Clash During Rally

California, CA (PressExposure) October 18, 2011 -- Protesters who were showing their resistance against the greedy corporations in New York City Times Square and policemen created a small commotion in Manhattan. Protesters were pushed away by the cops, whom of course, they resisted as they insist on entering the square, this has caused to some minor chaos between the two parties. The protesters are fighting for their rights on freedom of expression that is why they would not be easily be backed down by the efforts of the police. Just like the patients of the Zimmer hip recall cannot easily be backed down as they decide to file Zimmer Hip lawsuits to fight for their rights. Unlike the patients of the recall who can ask for the help of Zimmer hip lawyers to have their rights protected, the protesters do not have lawyers to take care of their pleas so all they have to do is to err this through protests. However, as the police promote peace and serenity, they wouldn't allow such a scene to happen.

The demonstrators whose main goal is to occupy Wall Street has marched and rallied for almost 8 hours waving their banners and chanting their plights headed north from Manhattan to the Washington Square Park. They have dispersed shortly after, leaving more or less 80 protesters arrested.

There are also about 10 people who were caught after refusing to leave the Washington Square Park after midnight. The protesters have returned to this place after dispersing to assemble a meeting after the rally they had. People continued to stay in the place despite the warning from the police officials that the park is already closed, some resisted leaving, causing them to be arrested.

The police reported that they have arrested 42 people because they all refused to disperse, while there were 3 others who were caught because they have attempted to destroy the barriers that the police have put. They also said that there were two police officers who were hurt during the riot. One of the officers receives a head damaged and the other one has received a foot injury. The police spokesperson said that both the police officers needed to be hospitalized because of their injuries.

The protesters here showed that they would do anything just for them to be heard, so are some of the patients who were part of the controversial Zimmer hip recall, where some of the patients have chosen to file lawsuits against the manufacturing company of the device.

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