Psychic Soldiers Saved Lives. Science Fiction? The Colonel Portrayed By George Clooney In "The Men Who Stare At Goats" In An Exclusive Interview

Las Vegas, NV (PressExposure) October 28, 2009 -- Dr. John Alexander said that he discovered during combat operations there was always at least one soldier who could "sense" the enemy before anyone else did. He says that every unit had one or more of these soldiers. They saved a lot of lives.

So it wasn't surprising when Alexander took an active participation in one of the most audacious missions in US military history; the formation of Task Force Delta and The First Earth Battalion, finding and training psychic soldiers to spy on our enemies.

With the blessings of some of the highest ranking officers in the army, Alexander, along with team leader, Lt. Col. Jim Channon, began researching methods and techniques using intuition and the paranormal to spy on US enemies. Channon is portrayed in the film by Jeff Bridges.

Jim Channon, founder of the First Earth Battalion, captures their philosophy with the nature of their mandate; "Dare to think the unthinkable." They are still thinking and doing.

Alexander is featured in an exclusive interview with Tom Justin, director of the YIW Institute of Las Vegas, NV and creator of "The Wizard's Edge" training.

The interview with Alexander covers not only his colorful past, but how we can use his research to aid in our daily lives. He's stated that we are all intuitive, just at various levels. If so, how can we improve?

While the movie is played strictly for laughs, it makes no secret that it (and the book by the same name) is based on fact. Justin says, "Be prepared to be shocked by some of the revelations that you'll never see in the movie."

Soldiers were groomed and trained to be "remote viewers" those who could focus in on an enemy location, even thousands of miles away, and describe with various levels of accuracy, various activities, buildings, size, etc.

Many of the principals continued their work after the army. The First Earth Battalion continues with various levels of research in the paranormal as well as earth's biosphere research, especially as it applies to the military.

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