Psychic Training Course Harnesses Technology To Accelerate Learning

Naple, Florida (PressExposure) June 01, 2011 -- We are living in the age of technology. For many of us, technology accents our daily lives as we use our smart phones, watch videos, see animated movies, and surf the internet. But can technology be used to achieve something revolutionary, even something incredibly surreal as psychic training?

In a recent interview with Dale Sellers, founder of LifeLeap Institute, Dale shared how technological advances in animation, internet, audio, and communication are making psychic and spiritual development much easier and effective.

Dale has been teaching psychic development for about 20 years. He put together a program based on thousands of case studies in the field of psychic development. His training course, the Life Mastery Program, integrates the best techniques from the best sources of meditation, psychology, and metaphysics.

Through extensive research, his research team has tested and sorted out the most effective approaches to psychic and spiritual development - Tibetan Buddhism, Daoism, principles for Quantum Psychics, many disciplines of Yoga, metaphysical disciplines, Hinduism, Ancient Jewish Mysticism, and western psychology.

The program originally started off as a series of written lessons, all containing exercises to help anyone develop, understand and use their own psychic awareness. While achieving great success, Dale was discouraged with the written lessons being the only format used in the teaching process.

Like many innovators in educational training, Dale believes that different people learn, understand, and retain knowledge in different ways. Some people are more visually inclined, some are more inclined to learn through sound, and some people take in information more easily on a kinesthetic level, or simply by doing. Written lessons only, such as in Dale's original training program, do not include these many forms of teaching or successfully conveying information. Dale took this on as a challenge and created the Life Mastery Program.

Over the years, the LifeLeap Institute psychic training program has grown in great strides. Dale says the first focus was on audio files. Many of the exercise in the training program were put into mp3 format. This allows the student to experience the different exercises without having to think and remember if they are being done correctly.

The mp3s can also be downloaded and put into mp3 players, which creates more flexibility. For example, if a student is on a cross-country commercial airline flight, simply having an mp3 player and earphones opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

The next focus in technically developing this psychic training program was the power of teleconferences. Using simple technology, Dale schedules and arranges several students to call into teleconferences over the phone all at once. Even when students are across the world from each other, working in a group environment creates great benefits for everyone. For example, the facilitator of the conference, who is oftentimes Dale himself, will walk the students through the exercises and offer a time for questions and sharing.

Students of the training program claim these shared experiences offer profound benefits. Just the mere interaction with other people doing the same thing helps them to understand and experience the training in a different light.

The most recent integration of technology into the Life Mastery Program has been the use of video animations. For many years, Dale struggled with how to explain a simple exercise, such as visualization, in a way that students could understand. He says that none of the techniques in the program are overly complex, but building a visual reference through words or speaking is still oftentimes difficult, especially when a student doesn't have a lot of experience thinking with visual images.

Using animations, complete with human characters, Life Mastery students are actually able to see hands-on examples of how to apply the methods in the training. Being able to add special effects within the animations has had a dramatic increase on the effect. These animations are viewed on a private training website, where students can log in and view the videos any time of day. Dale claims this has been one of the biggest breakthroughs to this date.

Whether it's making a cup of coffee or enhancing a psychic training course, technology is making our lives easier. Technological advances are making it possible for us to grow, learn, understand, and function in ways that could only have been imagined a decade ago. One can only imagine where we will be 20 years from now. Strap your seatbelt on and enjoy the ride.

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