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Austin, TX (PressExposure) July 10, 2009 -- Since Alan Cooper's 1999 book The Inmates are Running the Asylum, website-design-by-persona has rapidly gained in popularity. Marketers are becoming increasingly skilled at using personas as the foundation for their marketing strategies.

And behind personas is the modern psychological work established by the Myers-Briggs pairings of SP, NT, NF, and SJ to represent the four major human temperaments ( ). In the publishing industry, these temperaments are used to write and sell books.

The four Myers-Briggs temperaments: Spontaneous (SP). These folks are 'doers.' Driven by a need to belong, they are constantly looking to interact with people and make themselves useful. Promote an event and the Spontaneous mind thinks, "Sounds like fun! What's it about?" And usually in that order. They are fast-paced and live in the moment, and to them, 'hands on' is the only way to do something. 35% of our population has this temperament.

Competitives (NT). These people have a need to always be in control. Businesslike and power-oriented, they set goals and achieve them quickly. Competitives are big thinkers who are extremely confident in their own abilities, so if they look to you for information, deliver it right up front, complete with a rational explanation for why you believe what you do. 12% have this temperament.

Humanistics (NF). This type strives for authenticity and goes out of the way to establish a unique identity. Humanistics love harmony and despise confrontation. Personal values are important to them, and the opinions of those they deem part of their 'tribe' carry a lot of weight. These people value testimonials and personal stories. 12% have this temperament.

Methodicals (SJ). They live for structure and organization. Methodicals appreciate facts, data and documentation. Give them the fine print, because they want to see it. If anybody reads directions, it's this type. Create a process, follow the process, stick to the process. There is not much room for change in the Methodical world. 38% have this temperament.

The trend to using the four temperaments with personas has become a mainstay of business for Michael R. Drew. He has a team of five experts that combines the latest Internet technology with temperaments and personas and presents it all in a seminar they call Book Publishing 2.0 ( ).

The seminar also provides training in many technical areas, including:

* Utilizing PR syndication for video, slideshow, podcast, & press releases

* Using Specific blog techniques for generating comments & engagement/enragement

* Applying SEO technique Do's and Don'ts

* Establishing a significant Internet presence

Visit [] for information on their next seminar, being held July 11th and July 12th in San Francisco.

About Promote A Book

Mike Drew, principal of Promote A Book, is a book marketing and promotion specialist, and veteran of the book industry. His five-point approach can take a good book and boost it to bestseller status. To date, he has played a key role in creating 47 national bestsellers, including "The Maker's Diet", by Jordan Rubin. The company can be found online at and can be contacted by phone at 512-858-0040.
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Mike Drew, principal of Promote A Book, is a book marketing and promotion specialist, and veteran of the book industry.

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