Pujya Morari Bapu Honors The 34th Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation Awardees

Mumbau, Maharashtra India (PressExposure) November 09, 2011 -- Mumbai, 7th November 2011: The Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation honored the recipients of the 34th Jamnalal Bajaj Awards for 2011. The four awardees were felicitated by Pujya Morari Bapu in the presence of Dr. Justice C.S. Dharmadhikari, Chairman, Council of Advisors and Mr. Rahul Bajaj, Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

The awardees in the four categories each were presented with a Citation, Trophy and Cash Prize of Rs. 5 Lakhs.

The awards were presented in the following categories:

Award for outstanding contribution in the field of Constructive Work Shri Ramesh Bhaiya & Smt. Vimla Bahan, Vinoba Seva Ashram, Uttar Pradesh

Award for Application of Science and Technology for Rural Development Shri. Anupam Mishra, Gandhi Shanti Prathisthan, New Delhi

Award for outstanding contribution for the Development and Welfare of Women and Children Smt. Shobhana Ranade, Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust

International Award for Promoting Gandhian Values Outside India Agus Indra Udayana, Ashram Gandhi Puri, Indonesia

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Rahul Bajaj said "We are grateful to Pujya Morari Bapu to accept our invitation and grace us with his presence. This nation is held together with our religions and teachings of our great saints. Morari Bapu is one of those who have helped in spreading our cultural heritage and we are extremely happy to have him here".

He further added, "We all have gathered here to honor and to be grateful to the winners of Jamnalal Bajaj Awards. They have done some outstanding social work and created some great orgnaisations. On behalf of everyone here I congratulate them and hope that their respective orgnisations keep up their great work and help in building a stronger society".

Smt. Shobhana Ranade - a calm and composed lady, has dedicated over half a century of her life for the betterment of the downtrodden, particularly women and children. 87 years old, Smt. Ranade was honored for her outstanding contribution for the development and welfare of women and children. On receiving the award Smt. Ranade said, "I offer my humble greetings and deep gratitude for nominating me as the awardee. Today's award being given by the auspicious hands and heavenly blessings of Param Pujaya Morari Bapuji makes it really precious".

Shri Aunpam Mishra, founder member of the Gandhi Peace Foundation, is working to bridge the gap between modern water management technology and India's heritage of water harvesting. Shri Mishra has been recognized for his outstanding work for Application of Science and Technology for Rural Development. Shri Anupam Mishra said, "I am grateful to Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation for this award. I pray to god that He makes us worthy of this honor".

Shri Ramesh Bhaiya, an ardent follower and a devotee of Acharya Vinoba Bhave, with a vision to uplift and empower the rural people, he along with his wife Smt Vimla Bahan, set up Vinoba Seva Ashram in 1980 in a small village in Bartara, UP. They have jointly contributed immensely worked towards education, self reliance, healthcare, women empowerment in rural India. Shri Ramesh Bhaiya and Smt. Vimla Bahan are joint recipients of the Award for outstanding contribution in the field of Constructive Work.

According to them, "This award is a proof that there are organizations even in today's age that value work done silently at grass root level. It is indeed motivating. The blessing in the form of this award will inspire us and give us more strength to carry on this important work".

The award for the promotion of Gandhian Values outside India was given to Agus Indra Udayana, who has been since a decade actively engaged in promoting Gandhian values in Indonesia through his four ashrams in Bali and Lombok based on the principles of non-violence, truth and humanitarianism. Commenting on the occasion he said, "I feel deeply honored to have received this acknowledgement from Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation. Through our ashrams in Bali we have been constantly and steadfastly promoting the Gandhian values through participation in various seminars, workshops, competitions, camps, interfaith dialogue and prayers".

He further added, "It has been a satisfying experience to have Gandhi as inspiration as the local people have benefited tremendously from his ideologies and the services and teachings of the Ashram in the areas of brotherhood, self reliance and environment".

The total number of nominations received so far for these 4 Awards are 4,953 including 85 for this year. This year, 74 people from the country sent their recommendations, sponsoring 35 names for the award for constructive work, 17 names for the award for application of science and technology for rural development and 22 names for the award for development and welfare of women and children. 11 people from various countries were nominated for the International Award.

The two awards, recognition in the field of constructive work and the award for application of science and technology for rural development were instituted in 1978. The award for the Development and Welfare of Women and Children was introduced in 1980. The International Award was instituted in 1988 in commemoration of the birth centenary of Shri Jamnalal Bajaj.

A brief account of the life and work of each winner of the 2011 Awards is enclosed.

About Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation

Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation was established in 1977 in the memory of Jamnalal Bajaj, a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. The foundation strives to serve the ideals to which Jamnalal Bajaj had dedicated his life and promotes the kind of Gandhian constructive activities in which he himself was deeply involved during his life-time.

The four awards instituted by the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation are presented annually with an objective to recognize and suitably reward the efforts of men and women who have dedicated their life to Gandhian constructive work and ideals, which Jamnalal Bajaj had cherished all his life.

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