Purchase Discount - Am I Cheated or Winner?

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) July 14, 2009 -- Purchase discount boasts in popularity today. Summer/winter vacation, holidays, festivals are their most prosperous moments in the whole year. Even in the common day, some shops, stores, or malls have some special purchase discount to celebrate the births of certain products, their birthdays, important moments or others. Pay one & get one free, purchase $100 & get $90, purchase xxx over $xx, get another product free, those four/five/… are only sold at $xxx dollars, etc. Don’t you feel exhilarated and couldn’t move your eyes as you see those kinds of ads.?

Most of us will rush to buy the promoted products at the time we see these promotion ads. Sometimes, we only want to get the small gifts which we could only get by buying the main products. But quite a few of us find that we have bought something that might never be used in our lives. I remember one famous saying says: the most expensive thing is not what you buy, but you have bought what you don’t need to buy. So while we see these ads, we should:

1. Cool ourselves down. The promotional activities ads are not only for one day, they usually last about 3 - 7 days, some times 1 months or even longer. The time length is adequate enough for our double consideration, right? More haste, less satisfactory result.

2. Be alert about package purchase. This kind of activities are always used by sellers of wholesale electronics online [http://www.actfind.com/summar-handpicked-package.php/] or off line, like wholesale mobile phone [http://www.actfind.com/categories/wholesale-Branded-Cell-Phones/], MP3/4, digital cameras, car electronics, and so on. They are snakes. So first, we need to make sure if all the products in the package are exactly what we want. Second, check each piece’s price, sum them up and see whether you really get a good bargain or not.

3. Be careful about FREE gift cash offer such as spend up to $100 and get $90. Very appealing, right? Remember, no fool sellers. These ads always attract you to buy more stuff, much more than you have planed before purchase. So many wonderful goods in the shops/malls/stores, no one refuse to get one with less prices than the listed. But the result turns out that you lose considerable amount of money and the sellers make big money.

4. Mind FREE stuff. Sellers are always winners. In the most situation, the claimed “FREE” products might have shoddy quality, or their prices are included in the main products. Sometimes, we really could get quality “FREE”, but these products are mostly printed with company logos. We unintentionally become FREE Walking Billboard for these companies and they save huge on their ads. No free pie in the world.

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