Pyxism - The US-Based Global Travel Club and Business Opportunity has to Launch Early

Cheshire, CT (PressExposure) January 09, 2010 -- Lloyd Wilson, founder and CEO of the California-based corporation Pyxism did not anticipate the overwhelming world-wide response of internet marketers when word slowly spread of the development of his new, US-based global travel club and home business opportunity. In the 2 or 3 weeks of a quiet prelaunch, however, marketers came knocking at his door ready and eager to start promoting his novel opportunity in a market swarming with travel programs.

In the travel industry, however, the number of competitors is not an obstacle to success of a new opportunity, especially when it is compliant with US laws governing network marketing companies and offers a low entry cost/high reward product and compensation plan.

"After all, it is an $8 Trillion industry, with plenty of room to share the market," says Mary Anne Nagy, a former attorney, Baby Boomer authority and online travel entrepreneur. Nagy goes on to state, "It's a perfect storm - studies show a great migration of consumers to the Internet and major advertisers are following them. Over fifty percent of the money spent online is spent on travel. Baby Boomers are retiring at a rate of 1 every 18 seconds and will continue to do so for the next 18 years. The Boomers retain their market-driving economic impact, will travel at retirement or use travel to finance a lifestyle they plan to enjoy. Boomers are a 'have their cake and eat it too' generation and can and will use travel both for pleasure and financial gain."

Nagy refers to the home-based business phenomenon which touts 175,000 new home business opening every week. Other studies have shown that the majority of these businesses are started by persons in the 54-65 age demographic. For the Boomers who either cannot retire or do not want to, the home business with the advent of ever-increasing advances in technology is a perfect alternative.

Prior to 2008-2009, online travel opportunities with exceptional products and high-end compensation were limited to a few companies whose entry costs were in the thousands of dollars, often excluding a great majority of would-be entrepreneurs. 2009 saw a rise in low-entry cost travel opportunities, but many of these businesses were plagued with problems from the outset - including payment for memberships, international legalities (particularly in the United States) and questionable (sometimes hidden) ownership.

"Pyxism's Wilson appears to have tied up the loose ends these other opportunities presented," says Nagy. "As a transparent, US-based company offering a product equal to or surpassing those promoted by the high cost entry firms and creating a compensation plan attractive to most online marketers, Pyxism will be the force to be reckoned with in the years to come. Pyxism's founder, Lloyd Wilson, an expert in network marketing compensation plans, has developed a concept that is nothing short of brilliant."

Pyxism charges $325 for an affiliate membership, which provides the new member with a free vacation and the rights to promote the opportunity. Pyxism's compensation plan includes ever increasing travel benefits and high ($8,000+) payouts through a "true follow me" matrix system, more extensively explained in its marketing literature. The "true follow me" concept is accomplished by developing boards that never split and keeping members with their sponsor and teammates at all times. It also rewards sponsors (and their sponsors) generously for their progeny's success, thus providing the incentive for team development, maintenance and a spirit of helping each other to succeed, a goal Wilson sought in developnig the plan.

Pyxism officially launches Monday, will accept credit cards for membership payments (a big advantage over its offshore predecessors whose complicated money transfers discouraged enrollment). Wilson envisions the company growing in stages, although it is not suffering the birth pangs that plagued some of the others. It's customer support division is operative and growing and Wilson anticipates Pyxism's growth into a full service travel company.

Lloyd Wilson is on a mission. A veteran network marketer and having owned part-interest in a network marketing company, he came away with the determination to make Pyxism different from the others. He found, in general, that other companies did not adequately focus on the needs of their members, and he intends to make Pyxism stand out from the crowd in that area. Wilson has said he isn't looking for the lone rangers, but has an eye towards those who understand the power of giving in order to receive.

Nagy, for her part, is a believer and jumped aboard. "A lot of opportunities cross my desk, she says, and most are not worthy of a second look. But when Pyxism appeared - it caught my attention and I researched everything I could about it. Pyxism 'got' to me apparently in the same way it got to other online marketers around the globe - by accident. No one pitched me on it, in fact no one even told me about it. I stumbled on it by accident doing an Internet search for another travel concern and started reading. It went on from there. Learning, listening and eventually tracking down the right people in the company with whom to associate. After research and "meeting" various people in Pyxism I settled in The Right Connection group. Pyxism has my rapt atttention at the moment, and I am anxious to see how things progress after the launch on Monday."

Pyxism launches Monday, January 11, 2009. More pre-launch information about the corporation can be found at []


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