Quantum Theory Breakthrough, Atoms Need to Include the Fourth Dimension Called Cosmic Motion

Perth, Australia (PressExposure) March 07, 2008 -- Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity suggested that basic three dimensional geometry could not describe the universe, and that a new form of geometry was required. It was from this same perspective that David Fincher at Dovada also realized that basic three dimensional geometry could not describe the modern quantum atomic structure, and that a new form of geometry was also required to adequately describe the internal atomic functions.

This then instigated the initial development of the new fourth dimensional atomic model by Dovada.

Much of the unresolved speculative controversy about the unrealistic nature of quantum physics and inexplicable behaviour of charged particles within the atom can now be very easily explained by including the one simple, yet powerful, fact that all atoms are being kept in a state of uniform constant high helical velocity throughout the galaxies everywhere.

In principle, the modern quantum atomic structure is no longer considered by Dovada as being independent from the cosmic environment it resides in and can never be considered as stationary. This latter aspect has been overlooked in modern day theories and text books.

Just one of the remarkable discoveries revealed by this fourth dimensional atomic model, is that cosmic motion is directly responsible for generating both parallel (for like charges) and anti-parallel (for unlike charges) electric currents within the atom's atomic structure itself. It is the anti-parallel induced currents generated from the cosmic motion of atomic charged particles that are instrumental in keeping the proton and electron particles at a very constant and specific quantum distance apart (i.e. the Bohr radius).

This Bohr radius is due to the proton and electron anti parallel currents generating repulsive out of phase magnetic fields, whilst like particles generate parallel currents and are attracted to each other through in-phase magnetic fields. So it is not surprising that all matter wants to travel through the cosmos grouped together into mass bodies (stars and planets etc).

David continued to say "It must be remembered that atomic charged particles already in motion traveling at hundreds of thousands of meters per second easily induce powerful currents within the atomic structure. External to the atom, any induced magnetic fields may appear to almost cancel out, but internally this cancellation process cannot occur, generating only a strong repulsion between the atom's internal oppositely charged particles and a strong attraction between similar like charges".

The already successful mathematical quantum theory can now be better understood by the application of first principles derived from this cosmic motion. In addition, the fourth dimension atomic model developed by Dovada has also been successful in combining aspects of both the classical and the quantum atomic models together into a realistic four dimensional quantum atomic model.

This research by Dovada Pty Ltd, occurring over the past 25 years and led by David Fincher, is opening up a completely new area for the modern atomic physicist to investigate by using a motion dimension which provides the ability to successfully link gravitational fields into the existing atomic physics domain.

Because of the incredible implications that this research is creating, along with a large number of technologies which are ultimately being affected, Dovada Pty Ltd is looking for both joint venture partners and research institutions either locally (in Australia) or overseas, to assist in the ongoing development of its fourth dimensional atomic model technology.

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