Queen Gallery Presents: Spilling Horizon, a Painting Exhibition by Khorso Berahmandi

Toronto, Ontario Canada (PressExposure) August 09, 2011 -- Queen Gallery is proud to invite Khosro Berahmandi back to Toronto this fall to show case his new work. Spilling Horizon is a series of thirty five new works that will be exhibited at Queen Gallery from September 15 to October 4, 2011. These works continue the novel, creative offspring of a pictorial space unique to this remarkable artist who, faithful to himself throughout the years, invites the visitor to explore the depths and marvels of his art. This new exhibition is thus an invitation for contemplation and discovery of his distinctive art, which can be recognized by all.

Prolific, precise, and meticulous, Khosro Berahmandi is a painter who does not leave anything to chance. He controls, organizes, and plans the smallest details of his artistic work. This year, once again, he links the brush with the pencil, acrylic, oil and metallic paint, and majestically orchestrates, tangles up and harmonizes the essential colors, forms and symbols around which his art is articulated. His artwork is a plastic universe of uncommon lyricism and refinement, testifying to his thoughtfulness and his perception of the world, a perception that has ceaselessly evolved but has also lingered, particularly in his more recent works, over the natural and inescapable consequence of life, namely, death.

Indeed, the artist uses and explores this topic as a unifying theme to create a series of paintings in which the philosophical musings of Anaxagore are echoed, for whom death was connected with the transformation of the matters because "Nothing is born nor does it perish, everything is assembled out of existing things and then dissolved." Thus, Khosro Berahmandi deploys his artwork and invites us to follow him in this approach. On wooden painted panels, between variations of horizontal and vertical lines, between stylized circles and triangles, he deposits bodies which unite with the ground, return to it, disappear in it and, finally, become its first substance. For Berahmandi, "There is a physical exchange between the body and the earth which accommodates it. The body becomes the earth, the earth becomes the body."

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